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FASB approves discount rate amendment for nonpublic entities

FASB ASC 842 Accounting Standards Updates

FASB Defers Effective Date for ASC 842 in Response to COVID-19

Five pillars to future proof your accounting firm

Florida’s Minimum Wage Increases on Sept. 30, 2023

Florida’s Minimum Wage Increases Through 2026

Form I-9: Employer’s Guide to the Updated Employment Eligibility Form

Four Benefits Of Document Management

Four Red Flags When Choosing Accounting Software

Four Ways to Accelerate Tax Season Workflow

Frequently Asked Questions about Form W-4 and Employee Tax Withholding

Georgia Payroll: Laws, Regulations, and Rules

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GreerWalker LLP signs with IRIS Star Practice Management

Grow Your Firm with Partnered Payroll Services

Help and How-To Center: Your Online Help Resource

Hiring Employees In Canada? 5 Things U.S Companies Need to Know

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Illinois Payroll Tax Guide 2023: Laws, Taxes and more

Illinois’ FUTA Credit Reduction: Everything You Should Know

Improve Workflow and Efficiency when using CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, Engagement CS, or CaseWare

In-House Vs. Outsourced Payroll: What’s the Difference?

Information Security Assurance Statement for Direct PSI Clients

IRIS and Aiwyn Partner to Drive Practice Management Efficiency

IRIS Practice Engine July 2021 User Group Meeting: Q&A & Poll Results

Job management – why overcomplicate it?

Know Your Pay Schedule: Calculating Pay Periods

Latest IRIS Practice Engine release: what’s the fuss about?

LBMC places order for IRIS Star Practice Management and MS Dynamics 365 BC

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Managed Services vs Software In A Payroll Business

Managing State and Local Employee Tax Compliance Complexities

Marcil Lavallée place order for IRIS Star Practice Management

Miller Cooper goes live on IRIS Star Practice Management

Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees by State

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myPay Solutions Direct Tip: Prenoting Direct Deposit for Employees

myPay Solutions integrates SwipeClock time clock solution

myPay Workforce Management

Navigating 2023 Holidays and Payroll: A Guide for Employers

Need help staying on top of your government remittances?

Nevada Payroll Services: Laws, Regulations, and Rules

Nevada Payroll Tax: Everything Employers Should Know

New Hire Checklist & Onboarding Guide

New IRIS Practice Engine release: customer questions and answers

New Mexico Payroll Taxes: The Complete Guide

New Mexico Payroll: Laws, Regulations, and Rules

Now Announcing IRIS Star Practice Management

Opportunity to increase accountant diversity post-pandemic


Paid Time Off: Everything Small Businesses Should Know

Partner Spotlight: Mineral (Formerly Mammoth HR)

Pay dates vs. pay periods

Payroll & Tax Issues for Healthcare Employers

Payroll for Small Business – 6 Things Everyone Should Know

Payroll Fraud: How to Detect and Prevent Payroll Scams

Payroll in Pennsylvania

Payroll Mistakes to Avoid When Growing a Small Business

Payroll Service Provider Explains Issuing ROE’s

Popular Keyboard Shortcuts

Practice Engine reveals new name, website, and latest release

PSB Boisjoli places order for IRIS Star Practice Management

Ramp up your Post-Tax Season with IRIS

Recent Changes to Illinois Withholding Exemption Amounts

Resolve 6 Factors Challenging Workflow and Efficiency in Tax, Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

ROI: The Cost of DMS and Workflow Software

Running Payroll in Florida: A Step-By-Step Guide

Running Payroll in Georgia: A Step By Step Guide

S R Snodgrass signs order for IRIS Star Practice Management

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Employee Self Service Online

Securely Sharing Client Documents: Why a Portal is Essential

Security in a Digital Landscape

Significantly Enhance the Performance of Your Practice When Using CaseWare Software

Small Changes Make Big Impacts with Document Management Solutions

Smith & Williamson is live on IRIS Star Practice Management

Spotlight: SwipeClock and QuickBooks Online Integration

Star announces smart payments portal integration with Apxium

Star goes virtual (mostly)

Star joins the IRIS Software Group

Starting a Nonprofit: Crucial Factors to Consider

Successfully Managing a Remote Workforce

Support your clients, your team (and yourself!) through 2021

Talent management systems: All you need to know

Tax Season Readiness: Workflow Checklist

Taxable Fringe Benefits & Including Them on W-2s

The Benefits of Managed Payroll Services For Restaurants

The birth of a new practice: becoming cloud-native

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy explained

The Difference Between HR and Payroll

The future of work: a question of culture

The IRIS Practice Engine roadmap, Data Warehouse and 9.7: your questions answered

The payroll services problem: solutions for CPAs 

The Practice Engine data warehouse: enhancing your reporting

The Senta Advisory guide: Here’s what you need to know

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Talent Acquisition Strategy

Three strategies for a positive corporate culture

Tips for adding new employees

Top 10 Questions – Streamlining Document Management and Workflow

Top five reasons why it’s time to reevaluate your accounting software

Understanding Illinois State vs. Federal Prevailing Wage Laws

Updates To FLSA’s Minimum Salary Rule

Use Canadian Payroll Services to Effectively Manage Risk

W-2 vs. Final Pay Stub: Understanding the Difference

Warren Averett goes live with Star

We will plant a tree when you become a client of Senta

What Constitutes a Partial Suspension of Business Operations for ERC?

What does the future hold for IRIS Practice Engine?

What Employers Should Know about HSAs

What is a Document Management System?

What Is Cloud Payroll?

What is the Difference Between For-Profit and Nonprofit Businesses?

What Paid Time Off Laws Exist for Illinois Employers?

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What the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Means for the Accounting Industry

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Why Do Insurers Hire Third-Party Payroll?

Why HR Professionals are Leaving Corporate to go Independent

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Workforce Management System: The Definitive Guide

Your Guide to Document Security


12 Red Flags your Firm Needs Better Document Management

12 Signs You Needs Document Management & Workflow Software

20 Questions to Ask a Document Management Software Provider

5 Things U.S. Companies Need to Know Before Building a Canadian Workforce

Accounting Firm Management Buyer’s Guide

Beyond the clock: Enhancing workforce management through effective Time and Attendance 

Boomer Consulting

Creating a Frictionless Environment in Your Firm

Data Conversion

DIAGNOSTIC WORKSHEET: General Matters Causing Workflow Challenges

DIAGNOSTIC WORKSHEET: General Practices Risking Data Security

Doc-It System Requirements Overview

Doc.It Connect Brochure

Doc.It Explore Brochure

Doc.It Suite Brochure

Doc.It’s Book of Referrals

Document Management & Workflow Infographic

Document Management: A Buyers Guide

eBook: A Guide to Modernizing your Accounting Practice

eBook: Fostering Teamwork in Tax and Accounting Firms

eBook: Global Workforce Management Risks & Challenges

eBook: Top considerations when selecting a payroll software platform

Global Payroll and HR: What does the future look like?

Grow Your Firm with a Payroll Partner You Can Trust

Guide to Document Management Systems

Guide To Employing Staff in Canada

Guide: 5 Mistakes Made During Global Workforce Expansion

Guide: 8 Software Features for Scaling Compliance in Accounting

Guide: A Checklist For Tax Season Readiness

Guide: How to choose a client portal for your accounting firm

Guide: Information Security Assurance Statement for Direct PSI Clients

Guide: Innovative Business Strategies for CPA Firms 

Guide: Preparing For Year-End Payroll

Guide: Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding a Global Workforce

Guide: Recruitment, applicant tracking systems (ATS) & onboarding 

Guide: Resolve Workflow & Efficiency Challenges

Guide: Scaling Your Accounting Firm for the Future

Guide: Should Document Management be On-Premises or Cloud?


How to Get Time Back During the Next Tax Season

How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level with Practice Management

Human capital management (HCM) 101: the ultimate guide 

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INC Nautical, L.P. Partners with PSI by IRIS For Hiring In Canada

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The Pun Group

Truax & Ocampo Professional Tax Advisors

Urish Popeck & Co., LLP


Weiler & Company

Wiss & Company

Woodman White Olson & Co., LLP


AccountantsWorld by IRIS Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Announcing the New IRIS Practice Engine Mobile Learning App

Chris Jurasek Named Non-Executive Director of IRIS Software Group

Doc.It Accounting and Document Management Expert Don Emery to Speak on the Risks of Exposing Client Data

Doc.It Advances Accounting Firm Automation

Doc.It Awarded 2013 K2E Quality Award for the Innovation of Doc.It Suite 4

Doc.It Awarded Prestigious Prime Award by K2 Enterprises

Doc.It Connect Recognized for Innovation in Accounting Technology

Doc.It Earns 5 Star Rating from CPA Practice Advisor

Doc.It Expands Its Options to Meet Growing Demands in Accounting

Doc.It Expert in Webinar on Accounting Firm Data Security

Doc.It Forms Strategic Alliance with NMGI

Doc.It Launches Doc.It Suite 4, Powerful Scalable Full Suite of Document Management Products

Doc.It Portal Recognized in 18th Annual K2 Quality Awards

Doc.It Showcases Document Management Solutions at Accountex UK 2019

Doc.It Suite Merits CPA Practice Advisor 5-Star Rating

Doc.It Suite Recognized in 19th Annual K2 Quality Awards

Doc.It Suite Wins Top Awards in Accounting Software

Doc.It Technology Expert to Speak on Firm-Client Communications

Doc.It to Share Accounting Firm Solutions at Boomer Circles

Doc.It to Share Document Management and Workflow Solutions with Accountancy Professionals at Accountex

Doc.It Wins CPA Practice Advisor Innovation Award

Doc.It Wins CPA Practice Advisor’s 2013 Innovation Award

Doc.It Wins Customer Satisfaction Award from K2 Enterprises

Doc.It Wins Prestigious “Quality Award” from K2 Enterprises

Doc.It® Announces the New Doc.It Go Mobile App

Doc.It® Suite Earns 5-Star Award from CPA Practice Advisor

Doc.It® Suite Rated a ‘Leading Document Management Solution’


Doc.It® Wins Two Awards from K2 Enterprises

HubSync and IRIS to offer leading document generation and client experience solutions

IRIS Announces New Firm Management Product for Accountants

IRIS appoints Jim Dunham as President and General Manager

IRIS Brings Outsourcing to Accounting Firms in the Americas

IRIS Expands Document Management Capabilities in Americas

IRIS Named a Great Place to Work™ in the US and Canada  

IRIS Partners with QuickFee to Streamline Payments for Accounting Firms in Americas

IRIS secures major US investment from Leonard Green & Partners

IRIS Shortlisted for CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice Awards

IRIS Software Group acquires AccountantsWorld

IRIS Software Group Acquires myPay Solutions

IRIS Software Group Acquires Swipeclock

IRIS Software Group Appoints Gus Malezis as Non-Executive Chairman

IRIS Software Group Appoints Neel Lee Chauhan Chief Product Officer

IRIS Software Group appoints Paul Nagy as Chief Product Officer

IRIS Software Group Expands Human Resources Offerings to the Americas

IRIS Software Group Expands North American Presence with Acquisition of Doc.It

IRIS Software Group Expands US Business with Apex HCM acquisition

IRIS Software Group Offers Employee Self-Service in North America

IRIS Software Group Scoops up K2 Quality Awards

IRIS’s Americas M&A Strategy and Innovation Drive 2022 Growth

Private Firms Struggle to Meet ASC 842 Lease Accounting Standard Deadline

The Pun Group Selects IRIS Software to Drive Practice Management Efficiencies


ASC 842: The Path to Compliance

Doc.It Connect

Doc.It Explore

Doc.It Suite

Doc.It Suite, Explore & Connect – The Best fit for my Firm

Firm Operations in the New Normal ft. Randy Johnston

From the Trenches with Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley

Grow a Profitable Payroll Business Without Adding Staff

How a CPA Built a 7 Figure Payroll Business

How to Offer Payroll Services Without Adding to Your Workload

How to Plan for Payroll Year-End

IRIS Practice Engine & CSG Pro Partnership Announcement

IRIS Practice Engine User Group July 2021

Lean Six Sigma: Improve Tax Process Workflow & Document Management

Practice Engine Winter 2020 US User Group (Part 1)

Practice Engine Winter 2020 US User Group (Part 2)

What is in v9.7 of IRIS Practice Engine?

Working Remote – Why a Document Management System is Imperative Today