Starting a Nonprofit: Crucial Factors to Consider

Starting a Nonprofit: Crucial Factors to Consider.
By Joe Sharpe | 05/07/2023 | 6 min read

Defining Your Nonprofit's Mission and Vision

Whether a nonprofit formulates a mission, vision, values, or purpose statement (or all of the above), the overriding goal is to articulate why the nonprofit exists, the needs it addresses, and for whom (or where) it offers support.

Since a nonprofit’s mission and vision statements are frequently used in a variety of public-facing materials, including the website and promotional publications, it’s crucial to dedicate appropriate time, care, and attention to the process to ensure that your nonprofit’s value is communicated in a clear and compelling way.

Understanding Nonprofit Payroll Considerations

Understanding Nonprofit Payroll Considerations

Running a successful nonprofit requires a team with a diverse range of skills, perspectives, and experience. As a result, most nonprofits have a staff composed of board members, executives, volunteers, contractors, and employees, who collaborate and contribute to unique dimensions of the organization’s mission.

This range of employee classifications and roles can make managing workforce payroll a demanding and complicated task.