Accounting Practice Management Solutions

Rely on one source of truth for your accounting firm. Spend your time on what really matters and build better relationships with your teams and clients using our accounting practice management solutions.

If you’re dealing with challenges like these…

icon outdated clunky

“Our current practice management system is outdated and clunky.”

icon features support

“We need more software features to support our level of growth.”

icon many systems

“We’re tracking across too many systems, trying to cobble data together.”

icon info

“It’s hard to get the right information without the help of an IT programmer.”

It’s time for a practice management system that can do it all


Practice Engine

A configurable practice management platform that lets you bill, track time, maintain client information and gain the clarity you need to make more confident business decisions.

“Reports that would take us endless hours to create monthly/annually are now available with just a few clicks; so we know where we stand at all times and can make business decisions sooner.”

Jose Antunes, Withum

Star Practice

Star Practice Management

A fully customizable, all-in-one system that has the flexibility to meet your needs today — or scale with you as you hit your growth goals for tomorrow.

“Billing is now more automated and runs like clockwork, which means fees are paid much faster than before. Closing the month down has been cut by weeks, which has been transformative.”

Sonja VanLangevelde, Dazkal Bolton


Achieve more with IRIS

IRIS partnered with Withum Smith and Brown, a global accounting firm, and helped streamline their project management tools and solutions. This enabled their team to quickly and easily produce reports and dashboards for leadership teams, helping them have the information they need to make well-informed decisions. Watch the full story.