Connected HR Management Solutions

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Apex HCM

Apex Human Capital Management (HCM) software helps your clients do more by giving them the tools to better find, grow, and manage their employees.

– Simplify recruiting with our fully integrated applicant tracking system.
– Streamline the onboarding process by eliminating manual processes helping new hires be ready for the job on day one.
– Develop talent with our talent management tools

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IRIS Global HR Consulting

IRIS offers global HR consulting services for organizations looking to expand internationally. Operating in 135 countries, we provide global HR, payroll, benefits and payments.

– Become compliant at a global scale.
– Have complete visibility across every aspect of your global HR.
– Trust us to take responsibility for all of the complexities of global HR.

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PSI by IRIS Canadian Payroll

PSI by IRIS specializes in managing Canadian payroll. With straightforward solutions, we help US and international companies make Canadian payroll easy.

– Let our payroll experts take care of your payroll.
– Provide employee group benefits with flexible options for small to medium-sized businesses.
– Have the support you need with a full range of HR services and consulting.

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“Being able to upload…everything that covers onboarding from start to finish, is a complete game changer. The features alone have taken onboarding from reams of paperwork to a few clicks of a mouse, saving our clients tremendous amounts of time, energy and money.””

David, HR & Payroll Firm Co-Owner

Why Choose IRIS Software?

  • Industry experience

    Our decades of experience bring you a product you can trust paired with a support team you can always trust.

  • Streamlined solutions

    IRIS HR management solutions help you streamline your workflow making it possible for you to get more done with your day.

  • Customizable solutions

    Every IRIS HR management system is built to meet your needs and scale with your growth for the lifetime of your company.

  • Complete coverage

    We’ve partnered with leading providers around the globe in multiple industries to help further increase your ROI.

Customer success stories

Discover how our solutions enable organizations to successfully expand globally.
Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit driving a positive impact on climate change across the fashion and textile industry. It guides a growing community of brands, manufacturers, and farmers toward more purposeful production from the very start of the supply chain.


How IRIS HR Consulting helped ON24, an award-winning MarTech SaaS company, expand across the Asia Pacific region, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience and deep understanding of international markets.


IRIS HR Consulting ensured the smooth acquisition of this 740-employee division of a global technology company, spread over multiple countries – from individual employee paperwork and immigration requirements, to payroll and benefits.

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