Human Capital Management
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Get the enterprise-level software and dedicated service you expect from a local provider.

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Focus on growth and leave payroll with us

IRIS Global offers personalized HCM solutions that grows with your business. Combine concierge services and enterprise-grade software. You get the level of support you want, and you can count on a Customer Success team bringing you friendly, dedicated care.

Start seeing ROI from your Payroll Provider

Small payroll companies are operated by well intentioned, hard working entrepreneurs but most of these organizations are lifestyle businesses and cannot stay on top of their clients’ changing needs as they scale.

  • Payroll Services: Payroll, Payroll Tax Management, Payroll Tax Credits and more…
  • Time and Attendance: Workforce Management, Scheduling, Clocks and Mobile Timekeeping
  • Affordable and Solid ROI: You can expect and ROI that’s a reasonable multiple of your investment with us

IRIS Global is for companies who want more out of their Payroll and HCM Solution

The IRIS Global product is constantly evolving and improving. To you, that means adding new features and best practices that create more value for you, your team, and your business.

  • Talent management: Post Job Openings, Track Applicants and Run Background Checks
  • HR Management: PTO Requests, Performance Management and HR Services
  • Unlimited Ceiling: You Needn’t worry that your company will outgrow us. We’ll be a great fit at every growth stage.

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