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Keep every client file at your fingertips

Streamline your firm by having the documents you need when you need them. IRIS Document Management software for accounting firms provides a centralized, easy to use dashboard for document organization, customer data and workflows. This allows your firm to spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time focused on your clients.

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Maximize day-to-day efficiency in your accounting firm

Do you waste time sifting through files to find the one you need? IRIS’s accounting document management software has helped numerous accounting firms to manage their workload more efficiently, allowing them to do more billable work without adding hours.

Document management software that can take care of everything

IRIS Document Management software includes the following key features to help you do more with your day.

Assisted Data Conversions

Our specialists will migrate your data to IRIS Document Management software for accounting firms no matter your existing structures, to ensure a smooth transition.

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Customer Service Team - Doc.It - Document Management and Workflow

Unlimited Customer Service

You get access to a core support team that is waiting and ready to help you make every aspect of document management work for you. Additionally, you have access to a comprehensive suite of training videos to help train your staff and improve the adoption rates and proficiency.

Client Portal

IRIS Document Management software for accounting firms simplifies sharing documents with your clients. You can send and receive documents through encrypted links helping you get the files and information you need automatically.

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Portal Integration

Our accounting document management software provides portal integration to allows you to quickly share documents with clients, and for clients to send you documents added directly to their client file area. The client portal also allows for the creation of a request list, announcements to clients, and multiple levels of security.


IRIS Document Management CRM security can be applied when firms need to restrict access to some or all users to help protect your clients’ information. It can be as simple or as complex as you need for multiple users and user groups.

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Workflow Management

Retrieve and monitor the progress of every workflow and deadline instantaneously. In one screen, you can view all of your team projects to manage your team and ensure that every deadline is met.


Our software has built-in reports to meet clients’ needs, including user activity and workflow reporting. Reports can be generated automatically daily, weekly, or on whichever schedule you need.

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Why choose us?

IRIS’s accounting document management software for accounting firms combines essential workflows into a configurable solution.

  • Automatic routing

    Auto-routing facilitates a truly effortless document management solution.

    iChannel by IRIS will monitor your folders for new documents and perform actions like renaming, splitting into multiple PDFs, publishing to client portals, adding to workflows, or emailing to your clients when they are uploaded to a folder.

  • CRM

    Stop spending time on data entry and instead focus on building rapport with iChannel’s CRM solution.

    iChannel keeps track of all changes and updates so you can provide the best experience for your clients and prospects.

  • Request lists

    Remove the back and forth with your clients to get the necessary documents.

    Document gathering is made easy with iChannel by IRIS. You can request documents via email or a secure client portal. You can save even more time by creating a request list template you can assign to any client.

  • Work Binders

    Access client work without switching applications

    Even the smallest click can add up over a year. Doc.It by IRIS stores and launches all project-related files so you can have what you need when you need it.

  • Scan and AutoFile

    Want to add a new document?

    All you have to do is scan it, and IRIS Document Management’s software for accounting firms takes care of the rest. We use advanced form recognition technology to identify what you scanned, automatically generate a consistent name following a standardized naming convention, and organize the document within a searchable database. Every file you scan or upload is automatically where it belongs.

  • PDF Editor

    You don’t need an Adobe license

    Rather than paying a monthly license fee, plus all the add-ons, Doc.It’s PDF editor does it for you. Additionally, it provides hundreds of accountant-specific tick marks, a calculator, and the ability to add digital signatures for zero added cost.

  • Compliance Management

    Stay compliant automatically

    With accurate and consistent naming conventions and file management, it’s easy to maintain compliance without any extra admin time.

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