San Francisco Firm Uses Cloud iChannel And Saves $40k/Year

Company: Shea Labagh Dobberstein CPA

Industry: Accounting
Challenge: Affordable DMS with secure email
Solution: iChannel DMS, CRM and Workflow
Result: Improved firm-wide efficiency and expanded secure file sharing options resulting in estimated savings of $40,000 per year


As a company that values innovation and strives to provide their clients with the best service possible, SLD recognizes the value of tools that improve efficiency and firm wide organization. SLD was looking for a dependable, affordable document management system to replace GoFileRoom because it was not meeting their expectations.


SLD found that iChannel’s functionality and price were compelling and in line with their practice’s needs. In addition to the features that they required to replace GFR, they also found the added benefit of secure email options added value that was extremely useful to them.


  • Remarkable improvement in efficiency
  • Secure email options to share files securely
  • Recouped initial costs by year 2

iChannel’s web portals provided consultants across the world with access to secure web portals to submit their documents for review. JP&A is then able to control the review process and only distribute approved documents. Consultants have real time access to approved documents for the entire development group. Global document collaboration made easy with iChannel.

Specific Areas of Benefit

Secure File Sharing Options: SLD reports that iChannel provides them with multiple secure file sharing options. For instance, they can share a secure link to a specific file or email files directly from iChannel rather than downloading, saving and attaching files. “iChannel has a secure email feature that allows us to email huge files outside of the company.” -Grace Andan, SLD San Francisco Office

Client Portal: “I like the ease in which we can drag documents into iChannel and email documents from a secure site. We can send information to clients, no matter what the size of the attachment is, using a secure site.” –Debbie Sarpalius, SLD San Mateo Office

Workflow: SLD uses iChannel to create workflow project templates to create new workflow projects. “We use workflow to track billing, progress of tax returns and send tax returns to clients. A big time saver is that there is no need to create a project from scratch each time.”  -Grace Andan, SLD San Francisco Office

iChannelDesk: The iCDesk application is seamlessly integrated with Outlook and all Office products. It allows users to sync contacts, find documents and use a drag and drop feature to easily upload documents at any time. iCDesk also allows you to create a document in word or excel and then save it directly into an iChannel file area without saving it to your desktop.

Improved Organization and Efficiency: When discussing their satisfaction with iChannel, several staff reported how iChannel saves them time and frustration daily. “The iChannel document search feature is much better than what we used before. It allows you to narrow down your search and retrieve information quickly. When uploading documents, there’s no need to categorize as much as before which makes uploading quicker and easier with iChannel.” -Grace Andan, SLD San Francisco Office

Staff Adoption: “Overall, staff really likes the ease of sending files securely, using iChannelDesk features to save and retrieve files easily and the time saved looking for files and other client information.” -Eileen Higgins, Office Manager, SLD

Advice for Firms Planning to Implement iChannel

“Set up is crucial – work flow needs to be customized the most. The conversion process was painful because of the way we had configured our old document management system.  Other than that, the system works pretty much as any other document management system works.  The work flows were hard to adjust to but even that was fine after about 2 months.  The secure email is a HUGE hit with both professional and administrative staff; clients like it too.  The cost saving will come this year and they are actually materializing as planned.  Overall, we are very happy to have moved to iChannel.”
–Edward T. Hanley, Director and Principal, SLD

About SLD

SLD has been providing audit, tax and accounting services to the San Francisco Bay Area for over 70 years. As a complement to their traditional CPA services, SLD provides management advisory services as well as inventory and costing procedures. Shea Labagh Dobberstein has established an exemplary reputation for delivering quality service to their clients.
SLD’s mission is to provide superior quality professional services to help clients improve their financial position and operations. The firm is committed to serving the public interest and to exceeding their clients’ expectations for service.