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IRIS Fully Managed Payroll (FMP)

IRIS FMP is a trusted partner in ‘in-country’ and global payroll and payment services for organizations expanding internationally. We provide managed payroll services in the US, Canada, Mexico and 135 other countries.

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Comprehensive global payroll solutions

Payroll is a complex process involving taxes and compliance and of course, ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time. It is often time-consuming and can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. IRIS can manage every aspect of your global payroll for you. We deliver compliant, managed, and simplified global payroll solutions to help your business expand.

Payroll onboarding / offboarding

Seamlessly and compliantly onboarding and offboarding employees from your payroll.

  • Complexity Discovery Sessions
  • In-country Authority Registration
  • In-country Authority Set-up
  • In-country Payroll Configuration
  • In-country Employee Onboarding
  • Parallel Run(s).


  • In-country Employee Offboarding
  • De-registration of employees and payroll with local authorities.

Payroll processing and calculation

Processing complex ‘in-country’ payroll calculations on time, every time.

  • Preparation and Calculations
  • Employee Changes
  • Salary Changes
  • Variable Pay and Bonuses
  • Holiday and Absences
  • Statutory Changes
  • Income Tax (National and Regional)
  • Employer’s Social Security
  • Employee’s Social Security
  • Benefits
  • General Ledger reporting
  • Salary Calculation.

International payments

Ensuring your global workforce receive their pay on time, every time in local currencies.
Request & Receipt of Funds

  • Raise Funds Request (FR) with breakdown of foreign liabilities for payment (salaries, social security, taxes primarily)
  • Funds collection management, money movement and funds allocation processes
  • Commit, reconcile, and cross-reference trades
  • Reconcile disbursements & post trade reporting.

Employee Payment

  • Pay employees in their local currency.

End of year statutory reporting

Ensuring you’re meeting local deadlines with compliant filing and reporting.
End of Year Reporting

  • Country specific Tax Year-End (TYE) procedures, processes and timescales
  • Review of payroll settings and reconciliation activities
  • Production and disbursement of final pay runs & reports
  • Updating of employee records (allowances, tax codes, social security records, share plans)
  • Updating of relevant authorities.

New Tax Year

  • Ensure you are compliant for any new local legislation changes
  • Adjust director settings for the new tax year.

Benefits of outsourcing your global payroll with IRIS

  • Single contact

    You will have one dedicated Payroll Manager and a single, online portal for all your global requirements, removing the complexity of deadlines, suppliers and languages.

  • Simplified commercials

    One contract and one invoice – removing the administrative burden of managing multiple suppliers.

  • Standardized processes

    We have one uniform service across different countries, offering familiarity with localized legislation. This ensures compliance with complex and varied laws and regulations in 135 countries and the delivery of secure and timely distribution of global payments across 127 different currencies.

  • Unique perspective

    Our comprehensive payroll & HR solutions give us one whole view of the full employee lifecycle. By unifying and automating your people processes, we also get your employees rapidly delivering value in new markets – saving you time and money.

Our global coverage

IRIS FMP’s global payroll services ensure you can see beyond your horizons to realize your global potential.

  • Delivering ‘in-country’ payroll, benefits & HR solutions across 135 countries
  • Delivering secure and timely distribution of global payments across 127 different currencies
  • Providing a single global payroll consultant to manage all your global requirements


IRIS FMP ensures accurate and compliant, timely global payroll services.


We ensure the compliance of your organization and people as you enter and grow into new locations – harmonizing your global workforce employee value proposition.


Unifying and automating global people processes – saving you time and money and allowing your organization to focus on meeting and exceeding its strategic growth goals.


Reducing the time to value for new colleagues and working in partnership with you improve the engagement and performance of your global workforce.

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