Recruitment Services

What is a recruitment service? 

Recruitment services—sometimes known as talent acquisition services – are provided by third-party companies that support organizations in filling their vacancies by finding suitable candidates. 

Recruitment services help with: 

  • Creating and distributing job adverts 
  • Managing applications e.g. filtering out unsuitable resumes 
  • Liaising with applicants and overseeing communication 
  • Assisting with the candidate selection and screening process 
  • Supporting with onboarding e.g. developing suitable contracts
In-house recruitment team meeting with their recruitment services provider

Why do businesses use recruiting services? 

As an organization, you might use a recruiting service because: 

  • You don’t have the capacity or person-power to manage recruitment in-house 
  • You’re in a competitive field and want to stand out to promising talent 
  • Your internal recruitment team needs additional temporary support during a busy period  
  • You need to hire internationally and want to rely on in-country recruitment expertise. 

What makes for a great recruitment service 

When you’re searching for effective recruitment services that are going to be able to meet your needs, it’s important to step back to see the bigger picture. The best recruitment service provider may specialize in much more than just hiring talent, helping you with HR and Payroll and further improving efficiencies. To help you find the right provider look out for the following factors and features:

  • ‘Demonstrable know-how’

    It may sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning; a top-tier HR recruitment service will know exactly how to find and attract the best talent. 

    When you’re narrowing down your recruitment company short-list, look out for providers who can demonstrate that they know: 

    • How the job market works, especially if you’re looking to recruit in a different state or internationally 
    • What specific requirements or challenges are there in your sector when it comes to recruitment 
    • How to find ideal candidates—even if those candidates aren’t actively job-hunting. 

    What more research can you do? Read case studies, browse brochures, and ask your professional network for recommendations. 

  • A “let’s talk about you” approach

    A calling card of a great recruitment outsourcing service is how interested they are in learning about you and your organization. 

    Good recruiters will do more than take your money and fill a position at your business. They’ll take the time to understand your organization, including its culture, goals, ideals, and how you do what you do. 

    Using that insight, a good talent acquisition service will be better equipped to find people who are going to genuinely contribute to your organization, rather than just fill a vacancy quickly. 

  • No ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions

    Building on our last point, a great outsourced solution will be eager to provide you with a solution that’s bespoke to your organization. 

    Look out for promising selling points like: 

    • A dedicated named point of contact who feels like an extension of your own team 
    • (If you’re hiring internationally) in-country boots-on-the-ground expertise  
    • A wide scope of HR expertise to complement recruitment support (to help with onboarding and beyond)
    • Case studies that talk about proactive support and solutions that are customized to suit requirements. 
  • Scalability and room for you to grow

    One of the main outcomes of partnering with a recruiting service is growth; for many organizations, onboarding new talent is about expanding.  

    The best HR and recruitment partner will be right there with you, supporting that goal. As your company grows, your partner should be able to maintain the same standard of service and adapt to suit your needs. 

    Not only that but they should be able to help you expand strategically. That could involve identifying talent with leadership potential or helping you to look ahead at upcoming talent gaps, so you can start thinking how to fill them.

  • ‘Expansion pack’ style HR support

    Even if you’re only looking for support with recruitment right now, it’s still worth considering a recruitment partner who also offers wider HR and payroll support. 

    Say your recruitment provider helps you hire some incredible new talent; more staff means a bigger, more complex payroll. Thankfully, they can also handle your payroll.  

    This is why many growing organizations choose HR consultant services that provide recruitment as part of a wider package. It saves you having to scramble to find additional help in the future, because you’ve already got a reliable provider who’s familiar with your organization on speed dial.  


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Featured Guide

HR recruitment solutions: A free guide for employers 

Learn about which recruitment tools and services can help you transform your talent acquisition strategy with this free guide. 

Download today to read about: 

  • What job seekers are looking for 
  • How remote working affects recruitment 
  • Onboarding best practice 
  • Applicant tracking systems explained 
  • Recruitment service recommendations. 

An in-house recruiter looking at a range of recruitment and HCM services

Recruiting services: One part of the HCM puzzle 

Many organizations prefer a complete HR consultancy service to handle recruitment because of features like: 

  • A single monthly fee for multiple services (e.g. recruitment, HR support and payroll)  
  • Requiring no need to find and onboard with a new provider as your HR needs expand 
  • Being able to take advantage of competitive rates (when the provider is larger)

Outsourced recruitment services for global talent acquisition 

Whether you need to hire talent outside the US today, tomorrow, or further down the line, you’ll want a recruitment partner you can trust. 

IRIS’ comprehensive HR consulting services have experts based in 88 countries to support your organization and its goals.  

From finding fantastic “local” talent to supporting you with a fully compliant managed payroll service, IRIS has got you covered. 


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