Leckie & Associates, LLP



Doc.It has increased the efficiency of tracking our client workflow lists. Prior to using Doc.It, we used public folders in Outlook to track workflow lists as well as Windows folders and separate network drives to store and track our paperless
filing system. When we used Outlook, everyone had the capability to make changes to the workflow lists and we did run into problems with the public folders not updating properly; a few times, we even lost some of the master lists.

Today, it is easier and more efficient to look up the status of client work and who it is assigned to. It is easier to determine if there is a backlog in the workflow process and re-assign or staff-up a department. Overall, it is easier to find these problems when using Doc.It’s workflow functions, compared to using Outlook for workflow control.

We do have another branch that remotes-in for Doc.It Workflow. It is easier and more efficient for the preparing, reviewing and electronic transfer of files to CRA because they are not transferring data files between networks to do processing and assembly.

For our paperless filing system, using the Archive features of Doc.It has stopped the problems we were having of a client’s Windows folder being renamed accidentally when someone was searching for a client folde. It has also reduced the incidence of PDFs being saved in the wrong client’s folder. Anytime you have to stop work to search for a file, productivity is impacted. Being able to use the CaseWare Batch Print feature to create a PDF of the full CaseWare working paper
file, and having a locked copy that can’t be changed makes meeting our record retention requirements much easier.

Being able to copy these files to the Doc.It Inbox, using its functions and features to:

  • place copies of documents in a client’s portal,
  • save them as support in another area or
  • forward them to a co-worker, CRA or other third party, usually via email, as
    per a client’s requests, does increase the efficiency of document handling.