The Pun Group

For a decade, the team at The Pun Group put up with their firm’s software. It was clunky, buggy, and unintuitive. Within days of implementing IRIS’s practice management solution, the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Isabela Lopes, could only describe the difference as “night and day”.

Find out more about the problems they faced and how IRIS was able to help them streamline their days so they could focus on what matters.

The Problem

The Pun Group’s incumbent software of ten years had a problem with time tracking. It was difficult to quickly and accurately track time and benefits like PTO, which made it impossible to run reports or track KPIs, ultimately leaving the firm in the dark about essential data points and functions.

For that, the team at The Pun Group decided to switch to a highly-regarded enterprise solution to improve the visibility of budgeting and active projects, and remove administrative burdens from staff. Unfortunately, the new solution required significant resources – like an in-house programmer and a certified system administrator – to manage everyday functionality. Running simple reports became impossible because they didn’t have a programmer to access and modify the back-end software code to create the necessary automation.

As for customer support, they were constantly redirected to an online community of other users who were equally frustrated. Because the software was so difficult to interact with, it became neglected; payroll had to be manually processed, and benefits had to be calculated by hand. It came to a point that one partner simply refused to track their time and use the software for over a year.

The system that was supposed to help manage their firm had become more stressful and burdensome than it was worth. The Pun Group needed a partner that could transform its tech and improve decision-making and efficiency while supporting its long-term growth.

The Solution

After a decade of managing underperforming software solutions, The Pun Group came to the market knowing precisely what they did and didn’t need. The firm turned to a trusted industry partner, Boomer Consulting, to recommend a software solution that was easy to integrate into their existing system, required little to no maintenance, was intuitive for their entire team to use, and had a robust reporting system.

IRIS Practice Management Solutions hit all the marks The Pun Group was looking for in the software, and provided much more hands-on support and customer service.

When speaking with Isabela, she said that IRIS was “a breath of fresh air” as soon as the software was implemented.

IRIS’s implementation team helped Isabela ensure the entire system was set up to the firm’s specific needs. Any questions or concerns she had, IRIS’s support team was able to answer and resolve them.

“They knew our business,” Isabela said, “It has been such a game changer. They understand what we’re trying to accomplish. They come up with ideas and help me through the entire process.”

The Results

By strategically partnering with IRIS, the most significant change noticed by Isabela is that “everyone has a smile on their face.” The software is easy to use while still strong enough to provide the support the practice needs.

“We are absolutely grateful for the team who helped us throughout the entire process. I can run reports without constant frustration, be productive and support my team, and go home to have dinner with my family because of IRIS.”

Generating reports isn’t just easy for Isabela and the team; it’s automatic. Long gone are the days of manually searching through spreadsheets of data trying to glean the information she was looking for. With only a few clicks, she can generate the reports she needs, when needed.

IRIS Practice Management’s versatility allows The Pun Group to utilize the solution to fit the organization’s needs without time-consuming manual workarounds. The adaptability of IRIS extends to easy scheduling, tracking prospects, and generating reports, making it a powerful asset for streamlining day-to-day operations.

“The software is intuitive and robust, easy to understand, and user-friendly. People don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by it.”

Isabela has already seen IRIS’s practice management solution’s impact and is confident that it will continue to help their firm run smoothly. “Finally, we have software that will help us run the firm instead of us having to run the software.”

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