Doc.It Launches Doc.It Suite 4, Powerful Scalable Full Suite of Document Management Products

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Posted: 29th May 2013

May 29, 2013 – Las Vegas, NV – Doc.It® has announced the U.S. release of Doc.It® Suite 4, the powerful scalable full suite of document management products for accounting professionals. With Doc.It® Suite 4 workflow and processes are streamlined and users will experience an expansive set of document management features including a sleek and productive Main Dashboard user interface, new Work Binders with simple workflow, Web Portal, PDF Editor, Cloud with Mobile features, and more.

Doc.It® Suite 4 has been in development for 18-months and beta for the last six months. “Doc.It® Suite 4 supports the ecosystem of every firm by working seamlessly with the broad range of products accounting professionals use,” said Paul Piccini, Director of Research and Development. Doc.It® Suite 4 will help accountants more resourcefully gather, process, store, and deliver documents which increases efficiency throughout any firm with 2 to 300 users. “We understand a firm will deploy point solutions that meet the demands of their firm. Our software is the best-of-breed fully-integrated suite of document products that allows accounting professionals to continue to use their cornerstone software while enjoying the productivity advantage our suite provides,” continued Piccini.

Today, over 9000 accountants use Doc.It® Suite to ensure every document and file are at their fingertips whenever they are needed, which drives firm-wide productivity and profitability. “Doc.It® is committed to continually evolving our product based on feedback from our customers and industry experts. I believe that Doc.It Suite 4 is evidence of this commitment,” said Brock Philp, President and CEO of Doc.It®.

Doc.It® Suite 4 document management products include:

  • ***NEW***Main Dashboard
    Doc.It® leads the industry with the most powerful and effective workflow and document management interface. With Doc.It®’s Main Dashboard, everyone has access to work tasks, Doc.It® Suite client Work Binders, documents, the Doc.It® Archive, and a complete set of fully-integrated tools.
  • ***NEW***Inbox
    The Doc.It® Inbox is your temporary storage location and routing utility for all printed or scanned PDFs. Documents can be sent to co-workers, Doc.It® Work Binders, other binder systems (i.e., CaseWare, fx Engagement) or to the secure Doc.It® Archive. The Inbox contains useful utilities for quickly manipulating and assembling PDFs.
  • ***NEW***PDF Editor
    Doc.It®’s PDF Editor is used to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents. Users can also easily run an electronic calculator tape and apply hundreds of accounting-specific tick marks.
  • ***NEW***Work Binders
    Doc.It® Suite client Work Binders organize documents of all types and formats. Documents are gathered and launched from within the Doc.It® Work Binder in their native file format. Doc.It® Work Binders provide staff and partners immediate access to all of the documents needed to complete work tasks.
  • ***NEW***Workflow
    Doc.It® Suite is designed for workflow for every engagement type. Doc.It® Suite automates workflow by showing the status of a document or binder which informs the next-in-line a task was completed. Doc.It®’s powerful Main Dashboard interface provides seamless integration with an entire suite of tools. Stay on top of workflow using the new Doc.It® Binder Explorer to monitor due dates, route or reroute work, and oversee staff workload to identify issues before they occur.
  • ***NEW***Cloud+Mobile
    Doc.It® Suite is cloud-enabled with mobile features allowing access to work and the delivery of client documents anytime, from anywhere. Being cloud- and mobile-enabled provides access to conveniently browse and deliver documents while on the go from your laptop, iPad, or Android tablet.
  • ***NEW***Archive
    The Doc.It® Archive is where firms store fully-indexed, bookmarked PDF files, independent of the engagement’s originating software. Easily send a copy of any document from the Doc.It® Archive to clients using the integrated Doc.It® Web Portal or email. Your firm retains complete control of your data, and you can easily migrate your data should you change vendors or if a partner leaves.
  • ***NEW***Search, Reporting, and Export Tools Browsing Doc.It® Work Binders and Doc.It® Archive is the quickest method of finding documents. In instances where multiple documents must be reviewed in order to find a specific document, users enter specific words or key phrases and Doc.It®’s powerful search instantly reveals the most reasonable selection of documents for review. Doc.It® Suite has easy-to-use custom report generators for the management and export of data to the user’s monitor, Excel or .CSV file. Customized reports can be saved and reused in the future.
  • ***NEW***Web Portal
    Doc.It® Web Portals give clients secure easy access to documents such as financial statements, tax returns, invoices, large bookkeeping files, and any other reports you would like to share and make available to them. Clients can also send files to you for processing.
  • Scan and Organize
    Doc.It® Suite includes scan and optical character recognition (OCR) support for all types of scanners with built-in features to ensure the accuracy of scanned documents. As documents are gathered, Doc.It®’s Advanced Forms Recognition (AFR) technology identifies, names, and organizes an unlimited number of document types.
  • Policy Manager
    Doc.It®’s Policy Manager ensures uniformity across the firm by applying the firm’s file naming and location policy to all documents as they are gathered and then prepared for storage.
  • Document Publishing
    When an engagement is complete, Doc.It®’s publishing tool makes a PDF snapshot of all documents associated with an engagement and combines them into a single fullyindexed, bookmarked PDF as a complete record of the finalized engagement. Published PDFs are managed in the Doc.It® Archive.

For More Information

To learn more about Doc.It® Suite 4, please visit or contact our sales staff at 888-693-6248 (Ext 1).