Better Business Payroll, Inc.

“It's been easier to grow with Payroll Relief because it allows us to involve the clients more.”
Damon Urenda, Managing Partner

Better Business Payroll, Inc. started 30 years ago as a simple bookkeeping firm. Over the years, the team built its client base and grew into tax, accounting, and payroll clients. As the firm grew, it started to experience complications dealing with end-of-year paperwork.

See how Payroll Relief was able to help Better Business Payroll, Inc. streamline their workflow, saving them time and money.

The Problem

As the Better Business Payroll client base continued to grow, the firm faced a major problem: preparing for the end-of-year paperwork required all hands on deck. From October to the end of the year, team members from every department were required to come together to ensure everything was done by the deadline. This meant most of the team came in on weekends and worked overtime to complete end-of-year paperwork.

Everything from 941s and W2s was processed manually, requiring a significant amount of manual data entry. This pile of manual data entry brought with it data entry errors, creating hours of rework.

The Solution

After trying other solutions, the Better Business Payroll, Inc. team switched to Payroll Relief and saw immediate results. Immediately, the team no longer had to deal with manual data input, and with Payroll Relief, they could automate 100% of their payroll taxes and IRS tax payments.

Rather than requiring the entire team to give up their projects for months at the end of every year, tax preparation became a breeze. Payroll Relief made it easy for Better Business Payroll, Inc. to become and stay compliant, make fewer errors, and save more time.

The Results

Damon Urenda, the managing partner at Better Business Payroll, Inc., says it’s been “easier to grow with Payroll Relief” because “Payroll Relief allows us to involve the clients more.”

Since 2019, when he led the adoption of Payroll Relief, Damon has seen everyone in his firm doing more work with less labor. But the best news is that their clients have seen the difference.

Clients have said they’ve recognized something ‘different’ about the firm, especially during the end-of-the-year rush. Rather than being frantic, overworked, and stressed, Damon and the team at Better Business Payroll, Inc. clients have seen the team more organized and collected. This calm, professional feel has made clients more comfortable with the firm, trusting them more and improving retention rates.

Start Growing Your Firm with Payroll Relief

Payroll Relief is a payroll and management tool built for accountants, providing you with the tools and support you need to make payroll in your firm’s most profitable service.

When you switch to Payroll Relief, your firm will have access to unprecedented automation and processing speed, helping you save time and money while improving your customer satisfaction. It promises 100% calculation accuracy and supports compliance with all 50 states, local jurisdictions, and federal regulations.

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