IRIS Practice Engine User Group July 2021

Glimpse into the future as we reveal plans for our next project – Data Insights – and look at the roadmap ahead for further development.

We update you on what we’ve been doing and what changes are coming from July 2021. We explore:

  • Updates in the latest release v9.8
  • The roadmap – now and next
  • Data Insights – a first look at phase 1 and the plans for phase 2
  • The Help Center
  • Scheduling – An Update
  • Feature Requests – Have your say


  • Michelle Harris, Product Manager, IRIS Software Group
  • Andrew Hambly, Head of Development, IRIS Software Group
  • Mike Caltagirone, US Development Manager, IRIS Software Group
  • Tracy Mack, Content Designer, IRIS Software Group
  • Paige Caras, Client Services Director, IRIS Software Group

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