Enhance the Performance of CCH ProSystem fx Engagement in 5 Key Areas

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By Don Emery | 09/02/2016 | 3 min read

The five must-have features in document management and workflow software that make a world of difference to CCH ProSystem fx Engagement software users

Tell me you’re in love your CCH ProSystem fx Engagement software and I’ll tell you the love affair will only grow stronger if you know how to enhance its performance in five key areas.

Our team has been in the trenches consulting to hundreds of partners in firms that subscribe to CCH ProSystem fx Engagement software. We are very familiar with several of the most common issues plaguing these very good firms. The challenges, all of which can be resolved, include:

  • It is cumbersome and time-consuming to gather documents from disparate sources and get them into CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.
  • The expense of Adobe PDF Editor, they need a PDF Editor but find Adobe licensing expense significant.
  • There is no easy way to search within a single CCH ProSystem fx Engagement project or across multiple projects.
  • There are no retention management tools within CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, leaving the firm more vulnerable to risk, more specifically, legal repercussions in the event of a lawsuit.
  • There is no workflow function showing the assignment, progression and due-date tracking for the engagement.

Our experience has proven it is possible to eliminate these challenges. If your firm uses CCH fx ProSystem Engagement software and is experiencing any of these issues, this issues can be resolved. Investigate then adopt document management (DM) and workflow software that delivers these five must-have features:

  1. Drag-and-drop. Gathering documents and getting them into the CCH fx ProSystem Engagement software becomes a non-issue if you have the ability to drag-and-drop files. The ability to drag-and-drop searchable files directly from a central collection (e.g. PDF print from a 3rd party software, fax, Web portal…) makes it efficient to get documents into the engagement software from multiple sources.
  2. PDF Editor. If you are using a PDF Editor from Adobe, you too are suffering through the expense of this disparate, yet necessary software. There are viable alternatives to Adobe. For example, Doc.It PDF Editor, included Doc.It Suite at no extra cost, has hundreds of accountant-specific tick marks, a calculator and the ability to add signatures – these features are a must for this profession. You will also want the PDF editor to be easy to use with all markup tools located on the main toolbar.
  3. Batch print tool. The function of a batch print tool is to create a fully-bookmarked searchable PDF file of the engagement. You can then search within the PDF of a single engagement project and/or across multiple projects. With this feature you can search any financial statement produced from CCH ProSystem fx Engagement for a word or phrase (e.g. “construction”), and instantly view a list of every financial statement in your system with that word or phrase in it.
  4. Retention management tool. When documents are gathered and placed in your system there should be an easy way to assign retention to each engagement project. Retention management tool helps to ensure projects that reach their expiration are removed to insulate the firm from risk associated with holding the data beyond its required retention.
  5. Workflow software. Firms using CCH ProSystem fx Engagement subscribe to workflow management tools to manage the assignment, progression of work and the due-date tracking of any project. This ensures staff workload is optimized, bottlenecks are resolved before they become a problem, and due dates are met.

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