Significantly Enhance the Performance of Your Practice When Using CaseWare Software

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By Don Emery | 08/30/2016 | 2 min read

The 6 must-have document management and workflow software features to take your firm from good to great with CaseWare

CaseWare, the most common engagement software used by accounting firms worldwide, can be significantly enhanced to elevate productivity and its effectiveness with the integration of additional document management (DM) tools and workflow software.  According to data published from the 3rd Annual Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey, 34 percent of accounting professionals identified workflow and efficiency as their biggest technology challenge and 37 percent identified security and risk management as the leading technology concerns in their firm. Being able to amplify CaseWare’s positive impact on your firm by incorporating DM and workflow software should be of interest to those who want to resolve these issues and go from good to great with CaseWare.

Firms of all sizes have found great success when pairing CaseWare with Doc.It’s DM and workflow software.  The pairing or integration of these two software products has been describe by those who use the combination as the standardization mechanism that moved their firm from CaseWare as the first step to no longer having to handle paper files, to a CaseWare firm that operates with well-organized electronic files.

If you use CaseWare and are interested in increasing the performance of your practice, seek out DM and workflow software that delivers the following must-have features:

  1. The ability to open CaseWare from your DM software platform.
  2. The ability to add scanned and OCR’d files via your DM system, regardless of whether the CaseWare project file is open or closed.
    1. When a CaseWare project is open, a simple drag-and-drop feature makes moving files simple.
    2. When a CaseWare project is not open, easily send files to the unopened CaseWare project file.
  3. A built-in PDF editor and mark-up tool with standard document manipulation features. Having this tool built-in negate the need to pay licensing fees for an expensive tool like Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  4. A PDF printer for instant conversion of any document to a PDF file.
  5. A batch print-to-PDF tool; the ability to print the entire CaseWare project to a fully bookmarked searchable PDF following the CaseWare indexing system. Additionally, having CaseWare indexes printed on each page of the file and retention management assigned to each file mitigates risk.
  6. A workflow management tool allowing CaseWare projects to be managed and monitored. Assign staff to a project, manage the progression of a project and be on top of all due dates.

Case Studies featuring practices using CaseWare with Doc.It Suite:

Carrie Ware & Company (this case study will appeal to small practices)
Software used by this practice: Doc.It Suite, CaseWare, Profile Tax, and DT Practice

LublinSussman Group, LLP (this case study will appeal to medium practices)
Software used by this practice: Doc.It Suite, CaseWare, CCH ProSystem Tax, and QuickBooks

Collins Barrow (this case study will appeal to large practices)
Software used by this practice: Doc.It Suite, CaseWare, ProFile/Intuit, and CCH fx Practice

Urish & Popeck, LLP (this case study will appeal to large practices)
Software used by this practice:  Doc.It Suite, CaseWare, CCH ProSystem fx, Sage and QuickBooks

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