How to Save Money with Outsourced Payroll

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By Adam Walters | 02/08/2024 | 2 min read

For some people, payroll is a necessary evil. It’s complicated; it has to be done perfectly every time, but it is one of any company's most important functions to ensure their employees get paid. Outsourced payroll solutions simplify payroll. Here are three reasons you can save money by switching to outsourced payroll.

1. Spend time on what matters most

Payroll requires attention to both local and federal regulations. You must file the correct tax forms, withhold the correct amounts, and manage all required deadlines for form submissions perfectly. In short, payroll takes time.

When you choose to outsource your payroll, you get your time back. Rather than having to learn about the newest federal tax codes, you can spend your time on projects that are a better investment for your time while resting easy that your payroll will always be handled accurately and quickly by a professional.

2. Avoid fines and fees

When your payroll isn’t done perfectly, or you’re late, you must pay fines and fees. These small non-compliance fees can initially feel inconsequential, but they quickly pile up, leading to your company hemorrhaging capital.

Outsourced payroll from IRIS guarantees that your payroll is done accurately and on time every time, entirely eliminating your fines and fees. In the very unlikely scenario where something goes wrong and there is a fine, it is our responsibility to pay, not yours. We take complete responsibility for our work, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected or unwanted fines.

3. Open the door to remote work

Workplace flexibility and remote work allow you to drastically improve your potential pool of future employees, but many companies choose to avoid them because they don’t want to learn and follow the regulations for different locations. Some states, like California, have even earned a bad reputation for being the worst places to manage because of the additional forms, paperwork, and tax requirements, so some companies refuse to have remote employees in those locations.

IRIS’s outsourced payroll solutions remove that pain point from remote work. Whether you have employees in different states or even different countries, we’ll ensure that payroll is done correctly every time without requiring an ounce of work from you. This opens the door to remote work, allowing you to always find qualified employees from any state or country, ensuring you have the talent you need without breaking the bank or requiring more paperwork.

Outsource your payroll to IRIS

You can trust IRIS’s payroll outsourcing services to provide the necessary care and service. If you ever have a question or concern with your payroll, you can contact your personal payroll assistant, not a call center, who knows your company and your unique needs to get the personalized care you deserve.

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