Simplicity is the Soul of Efficiency for Payroll Service Bureau, HRmonious

Jason Leff, CEO of HRmonious, a Passaic, NJ human resources and payroll firm, believes simplicity leads to efficiency and has made it his daily approach to business. That’s why he relies on the powerful, comprehensive and cloud-based payroll solutions offered by IRIS to give his employer clients peace of mind, while empowering his own business to maximize profits and fuel growth.

“By trade, I’m a CPA. I ran a small firm with my father for many years until I finally realized how much I hated accounting,” says laughed Leff. “I was very much like an outsourced CFO for the company and took care of our client’s financial matters.”

Among the financial services the firm reluctantly offered was payroll, managed mostly via a mixture of server-based software programs. That is, until 2016, when a client made a request that would fundamentally change the way Leff and his staff did payroll.

“He asked for a cloud-based payroll solution. So, I found a very basic software platform, implemented it and quickly learned that I actually enjoyed running this client’s payroll,” Leff said. “I understood the trials and tribulations of payroll, saw how moving to the cloud improved the whole process, but also immediately saw some serious issues. That particular platform didn’t have a timekeeping integration, provided little support and most of the support representatives were based in India. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to understand that the techs were saying and to effectively communicate our issues with the software.”

The experience prompted Leff to seek out a better payroll software solution.

“I looked at every possible white label software out there. I had pages and pages of notes and demoed every one of them – front end, back end. Most of it was not enjoyable. It was difficult. It was complicated. All I could think was, ‘It should be easy.”

Eight months later, he had narrowed his options down to three. One of them was an IRIS payroll software platform.

“I do a lot of research before making a significant buy. I kick tires, I look under hoods. I flew to Atlanta to meet the IRIS team, get to know the staff and see the operation. IRIS’s platform was, by far, the most user-friendly payroll software solution, particularly for small businesses,” says Leff, noting that most of his clients employ 10-25 workers.

Simplicity in all platforms and processes is so important to Leff that it’s part of HRmonious’ tagline, “Enjoy the simplicity of freedom” – And with plenty of reasons, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Simplicity in payroll software streamlines processes, reducing the risk of errors and minimizing training time for users. This efficiency boost translates to faster payroll processing and increased productivity.
  • User accessibility: Intuitive interfaces make payroll systems accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. This inclusivity promotes a collaborative work environment and ensures that all team members can easily navigate and contribute to payroll management.
  • Cost-effectiveness and compliance: Straightforward and uncomplicated payroll software lowers operational costs by facilitating faster implementation and seamless integration with existing systems. Additionally, simplicity in design aids in monitoring and maintaining compliance, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

The IRIS software platform’s streamlined, icon-based look, fully customizable platform and easy integration with multiple industry-relevant software products like Swipeclock, Xero and Employee Navigator make it a go-to choice for anyone offering payroll services. Because it’s cloud-based and highly automated, functions and features are accessible 24/7 from almost any device. This places countless processes (that once necessitated a payroll provider’s assistance) in the hands of clients and their employees – saving time, effort and money.

In fact, after switching to the IRIS payroll platform with integrated GPS tracking, a HRmonious client quicky realized time savings that left them in disbelief.

Every Wednesday for years, the in-house payroll manager for a South Jersey water agency arrived at her office two hours early to complete the company’s weekly payroll by 2 p.m. The task entailed manually pouring over employee service logs and individual timesheets, comparing data against workers’ GPS records to make sure they matched and entering it all into a complex Excel spreadsheet. Now, using the IRIS platform with GPS tracking, she can complete this in just a few hours instead of it taking her a full day.

“She got those hours and hours of her personal time back,” Leff said. “She couldn’t believe it at first. It’s amazing how payroll can be life changing.”

The IRIS payroll solution is a game changer for HRmonious, too. The switch helped Leff’s company amass 100 clients with 1,000+ employees far more quickly than expected. “There’s no question,” Leff says. “With the software we were using before, we would not have been able to grow at all. It is a great software and a phenomenal benefit for small companies. It really is.”

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