Do More with Your Data

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By Adam Walters | 06/13/2023 | 2 min read

Your firm can generate a lot of data points. With every program you use, there’s another report that you can generate. But all those numbers are meaningless if you’re unable to give them context.

Learn why data enrichment is essential for your firm and how it can change how you do business.

What Is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is the process of taking all the data points that already exist within your firm and making sense of them. Enrichment helps trim away the discretionary data points while helping emphasize and give context to the points that matter to you.

Why Is Data Enrichment Necessary?

Imagine if you saw a report for a firm that reported its annual growth to be 400%. That’s practically unheard of and could be the reason for a major celebration, but that number is currently in a vacuum and is hiding some of the most important details to give it the context it needs to be accurately understood.

Would you be celebrating as much if you found out that 400% growth was from a small firm that went from one client to four clients in a year? The firm is still experiencing 400% annual growth but, because you were able to see the full context of the data, the 400% is significantly less impressive.

Data enrichment helps turn the data in your firm from boring data points into a story. Rather than just points of facts and figures, data enrichment broadens your field of view and enables you to make better executive decisions.

Do More with IRIS

IRIS software solutions help technology-rich firms do more with their technology and data. Each segment of data is like one piece of a puzzle; IRIS solutions can piece them together to make your data meaningful. Rather than being overwhelmed with the data you’re faced with, discover how data enrichment by IRIS can help you finally make sense of your data by giving you the full picture of what is happening.

Contact us and learn how data enrichment can help your firm do more with your data today.