What does the future hold for IRIS Practice Engine?

IRIS Practice Engine
By Mari Sharpe | 10/01/2020 | 2 min read

The IRIS Practice Engine team recently welcomed customers to our online user group sessions. On day three, we held an open forum and a recap of the roadmap. A number of pertinent questions were raised by attendees. Below, we give you all these and the answers.

1. Have you thought about adding credit card processing into IRIS Practice Engine?

This is something that we will look to add into the list of possible roadmap projects. We followed this up by asking if this would be something that would be of interest. The resultant show of hands was a resounding yes.

2It would be good to have field level control and tab level control on jobs. (Answered by Andrew Hambly and Tim Johnstone)

We are looking to review permissions to both simplify but also allow more field level control. This is not a simple request so will be a future project feature.

3. What is the timescale of converting to the new Oauth2.0 system and will this be part of an upgrade? (Answered by Andrew Hambly)

This has now been completed.

4. Will the future of IRIS Practice Engine be a standalone product or will it merge into the existing IRIS suite of products with more integrations stopping the usage of being a best in breed Time and Fees system for non-users of IRIS software? (Answered by Karen Williams)

It will continue to be a standalone product but we will also be looking to have closer ties using integrations and the IRIS Elements project.

5. The pre-survey identified that there was some frustration with timesheets. The responses were that it would be good to have a copy and paste function to sort out timesheets entered in the wrong week. What was our response?

A Move function has been added to 9.8.

6. Another suggestion for timesheets was to have expansion codes to allow common narrative to be put in using only a couple of keystrokes. What was our response?

This is not something that is being thought about at the moment.

What next?

The input from customers is absolutely vital for us to make IRIS Practice Engine even better.

The webinars/ user group virtual meetings proved to be a really productive and helpful exercise and we are planning to run these half yearly, with the next one being planned for December.

We answered many other questions on days one and two. To learn more about these, please see our follow up blogs:

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