Banking and integrations: your questions answered

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By Mari Sharpe | 10/01/2020 | 3 min read

The IRIS Practice Engine team recently welcomed customers to our online user group sessions. On day two, we focused on what we are currently developing – Banking and Integrations. A number of pertinent questions were raised by attendees. Below, we give you all these and the answers.

1. When will 9.8 be ready to be rolled out? (Answered by Andrew Hambly and Michelle Harris)

Development should be finished in the next couple of months. It will then go through a rigorous internal testing program, followed by a beta test program. We are aiming to release it in the latter part of November.

2. When putting through an adjustment is there a way we can allocate it against a fee rather than having to go back in to allocate it after? (Answered by Andrew Hambly)

Yes, as part of 9.8 we will be allowing different options when entering adjustments.

3. Are integrations with other IRIS products or third-party products like document management on the roadmap?  (Answered by Andrew Hambly)

Integrations are an ongoing topic at our regular roadmap meetings. We have a list of possible integrations that we would like to work on and are reviewing and updating this constantly.

4. Is there a way of writing off in the lodgement box of bank differences? (Answered by Andrew Hambly)

This has been included with the changes in 9.8.

5. The DD Process is incredibly clunky. The exporting of files to setup the DD, the files for collecting the DD are all very manual. Is there a way of integrating with one of the many DD Providers? (Answered by Michelle Harris)

This is ongoing and any feedback on formats of export files and DD providers should be sent through to Michelle Harris.

6. Any plans to integrate with Virtual Cabinet to allow the filing of invoices via their portal? Or any plans for a PE Portal for secure sharing of invoices? Print and mail and email are fine, but a secure method of delivery is needed. (Answered by Andrew Hambly)

We are looking at integrating with IRIS OpenSpace.

7. Any plans for a client self-service portal? In other words, a client has a login to allow them to view their DRS balance. (Answered by Tim Johnstone)

Currently it’s not on the roadmap but it’s being considered.

8. Any plans for transfer from IRIS Cascade into IRIS Practice Engine rather than the other way? We drive the user process in Cascade and it would be good to feed into PE. (Answered by Andrew Hambly)

We have been having conversations with Cascade about what is possible. These discussions are still ongoing.

9. Any plans on developing Prospects further? (Answered by Andrew Hambly and Michelle Harris)

It isn’t currently on the roadmap, but if we have enough interest it is something we can look at. We have areas built into the roadmap to identify and fill product gaps. The Focus groups that are planned will be an opportunity to look at this further.

10. Can the Xero integration push over the invoice address and email each time an invoice is created so that Xero and PE are in sync?

Further Xero integration is being considered. More information on additional requirements will be required.

What next?

The input from customers is absolutely vital for us to make IRIS Practice Engine even better.

The webinars/ user group virtual meetings proved to be a really productive and helpful exercise and we are planning to run these half yearly, with the next one being planned for December.

We answered many other questions on days one and three. To learn more about these, please see our follow-up blogs:

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