Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Client Communication with Technology

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By Adam Walters | 06/26/2024 | 3 min read

The demands and expectations of clients have changed. It used to be that doing a good job and providing great service was enough to gain a loyal customer base. You were good at your job, and your clients could see that. However, the market has shifted and wants more. Not only are your clients looking for expert service, but they also want to have a great experience with you. They want to be seen, heard, and respected while also feeling welcome. 

Quality communication is the easiest way to improve that experience and help customers feel heard and seen. Learn more about leveraging client communication tools to improve the customer experience, client satisfaction, and client retention.

Client Retention Begins with Communication

Clients are changing how they interact with businesses. Loyalty based on performance and history is gone, and now clients are looking for a great experience. 49% of consumers say they have left a brand they were loyal to purely because of one bad experience. The easiest way to avoid that and to improve your overall customer experience is to improve how you communicate with your clients.

Start the Conversation

The best communication isn’t from weekly or quarterly automated messages. Those will fall on deaf ears and be sent to the trash bin. Instead, the best client communication is a personalized conversation with clients, where their needs and concerns are addressed directly. 

The best way to start this conversation is by leveraging technology. You don’t have time to craft a personalized message for every client, but with the help of IRIS Firm Management solutions, you can streamline communication and start conversations with your clients.

Conversations Need to Go Both Ways

It’s not enough for clients to receive personalized, meaningful communications with your firm; they also need a reliable way to communicate with you. If they have a question or concern or have run into a problem, do they know how to reach you? How easy is it for them to reach you? 

A client portal is the easiest way to improve client communications and empower your clients to reach out to you when and how they are able. Client portals provide your firm with a single centralized hub where all communication is tracked, helping you streamline your time when working with clients while empowering your clients to communicate how and when works best for them.

Better Communication Helps Prepare Clients

An underprepared client can become a serious loss of time in your schedule. Waiting for a client to remember their login password to access tax information or find the right document you need, devours valuable time from your schedule. The best way to help a client come prepared to your meeting helping save time and anxiety is through better client communication. 

Clear client communication before they meet with your firm helps clients know exactly what is required. This helps your clients come to their appointments prepared, and helps you save your time.

Turn Client Challenges into Opportunities

Clear, streamlined client communication also provides your firm with opportunities to grow. As you speak with your clients more and hear about their challenges and needs, you open the door for additional services. This allows you to further collaborate and parter with your clients, helping you to continue to grow your firm.

Simplify Client Communication with IRIS

IRIS Firm Managemnt makes it easy to automate and manage client communications. We can help you improve transparency and collaboration with your clients, helping you improve client trust and retention, without costing you more time. See the difference IRIS can make to your firm today.