myPay Workforce Management

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By Kyla Bobola | 12/04/2019 | 2 min read

Last quarter, we highlighted our new time keeping and HR solutions through partnership with SwipeClock to bring you myPay Solutions WorkforceHUB powered by SwipeClock.

This quarter, we thought we'd let the words of some of our happy clients speak for the benefits and user-friendliness of this new offering:

"Our Company's experience with myPay solutions has been top notch from the start, as their support team is prompt, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about the system and is always offering tips and tricks to help automate and streamline many of our internal HR processes.  We have consistently received employee feedback regarding how intuitive and user friendly the system is and there always seems to be new features being added all the time.  As a Director of HR, I would say that the biggest takeaway would be the amount of time it saves, having a one-stop-shop for everything HR." - Amber Black, PHR, Director of Human Resources at Broughton Partners

"We began with myPay Solutions about four years ago and from the start my work was cut in half and payroll, reports and taxes, all became easier.   Two years later while I was searching for a better way to track employees and their time the team at myPay told me about SwipeClock.   What a game changer!  We have saved not only time but money.  Before SwipeClock employees turned in their own time sheets on the honor system; we had no way of keeping track of overtime, accrued vacation or holiday time not to mention the time and expense to complete payroll each week.  With Swipeclock, all that changed.   Payroll time has been cut in half saving lots of money on the admin side. Overtime hours are down, I can track my staff and know where they are when they clock in and I know I can count 100% on the accuracy!   The set up was easy, the support is fast and efficient and even though there was a learning curve it was made easy by the myPay and Swipeclock teams.  myPay Solutions and SwipeClock work seamlessly together and it more than pays for itself in efficiency and savings.  We have salaried, hourly and 1099 employees and as a seasonal business we go from 20 employees to over 75 during the course of the year and in all cases myPay and Swipeclock handle our load with ease." - Pam Stoffel, Owner at Shore Details Hatteras Island

Wow! What rave reviews! If you think WorkforceHUB powered by SwipeClock might be right for you, please contact your Payroll Specialist for more information.