Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Employee Self Service Online

Office worker writing on notepad
By Marquece Cunningham | 08/27/2020 | 8 min read

Did you know your employees have 24/7 access to a free, secure online portal that contains copies of their paystubs and W-2 forms? Just like you, they can download and print these individual documents on demand from their own personal portal.

There are many benefits to allowing employees access to electronic copies of these documents.

  • Security: Online delivery to a secure portal reduces the chance that a physical check stub or W‐2 statement will be misplaced or lost in the mail.
  • Self Service: Save time by allowing employees to access their own information on demand. Copies of current and prior check stubs and W-2s are available for your employees to view and print at their convenience so they won’t have to request the information from you.
  • Rapid & Seamless W-2 Delivery: If your employees consent, you can provide electronic copies of the W-2s instead of paper copies this year. This option gives employees earlier, easier access, saves you time and expense on distribution and shipping, and decreases the risk of lost or stolen W-2s.  The W-2s will be posted and available on each employee’s personal portal, days before you receive the shipped paper forms. In addition, employees can download electronic versions of their yearend forms that can then be easily uploaded into many tax preparation programs, reducing data entry.

If your employees are not currently taking advantage of this feature to receive their paystubs and yearend documents electronically, your Payroll Administrator can initiate the setup by entering the employee’s email address within myPay Solutions Direct. The employee will then receive a unique link via email that they can follow to register for their portal.

If your employees already have a portal setup, they will automatically receive electronic copies of these documents as they are available.

Spend less time fielding employee questions and requests by allowing them to help themselves. Employee self service benefits both you and your employees.