Turning Payroll into Profit: A Practical Guide for CPAs 

Payroll is essential for all businesses, and while many CPAs find it a challenging and low-margin task due to its complexity and heavy regulation, some are discovering its potential for profitability. Forward-thinking CPAs are using payroll as a strategic asset for business expansion and building stronger client relationships. 

So how have these firms pivoted from the view that payroll is a risky, low-margin service that drains the firm’s resources, to a service that plays a role in setting them apart and building future success? 

In this guide we take a deep dive into payroll, and how CP firms can leverage this into profit. 

The guide will look at 

  • Reluctance to provide payroll services: The reasons why CPAs are not currently embracing payroll 
  • Common barriers: what are the practical barriers CP firms are coming up against when trying to provide a payroll service to clients 
  • The keys to success: What are the steps and considerations to building a profitable and successful payroll service? 
  • Choosing the best payroll solution: What options do CPA firms have in how they deliver a payroll service. Is software or service the best option, and how do they decide? 

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