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Posted: 19th September 2017

September 19, 2017 – Las Vegas, NV and Ancaster, ON – Doc.It®, an industry-leading provider of a powerful and scalable full suite of document management, workflow, document storage and Web portal products for accounting firms, earns two awards from K2 Enterprises.

In June 2017 Doc.It launched Doc.It Go, their mobile app engineered to work in conjunction with Doc.It Suite.  With Doc.It Go, Doc.It Suite users have every opportunity to gain a productivity advantage as they handle some of the most common tasks while working anywhere at any time using any mobile device. “The Doc.It Go mobile app is getting rave reviews from our customers,” said Kevin Murray, President of Doc.It.  “We appreciate the accounting industry recognition from K2 Enterprises for our new mobile app,” continued Murray.

“Doc.It can hold their head high with these awards.  In a market full of posers, Doc.It continues to focus on a high-quality solution for CPA firms with excellent customer service,” Val Steed, CPA, MA, CITP, CEO K2 Enterprises.  “Well earned; my sincere congratulations to Doc.It!”

“We are pleased to earn the Marketing Communications Award as well,” said Murray. The Doc.It marketing team focuses on initiatives to educate professionals via checklists, articles, white papers and peer-to-peer case studies.  “We are here to educate the professionals who want to ensure they are running a productive firm by helping them identify processes which are negatively impacting workflow and productivity,” said Murray.  “In many cases, these busy professionals are not fully aware of how to pair their preferred tax, audit or accounting software with a best of breed solution like Doc.It Suite.  This can eliminate many common technology, workflow or practice management challenges,” continued Murray. “I recommend downloading any of our free checklists ( as a starting point to identify areas in the practice where efficiency and standardization can be improved.

Randy Johnston, Shareholder, K2 Enterprises, commentary:

Best New Mobile App Award

Doc.It has continued to innovate while specializing in CPA firm document management. The Doc.It mobile application is another example of how the company has broadened the product line suite while focusing on solving mobile document management for practitioners. Current users as well as firms that should be on this system should review the Doc.It mobile application.

Marketing Communications Award

The Doc.It product line has most features needed to manage documents within CPA firms. The comprehensive suite has so many components, it is a challenge to communicate the benefit of them all. Doc.It’s marketing team has updated their messaging, content and communication this year with clear concise marketing collateral.

About Doc.It Go Mobile App

Handle some of the most common tasks using Doc.It Go app:

  • Instant access to all information stored in Doc.It.
  • Track documents.
  • Know the status of workflows.
  • Collaboration on multiple devices.
  • Pass work to a teammate.
  • Advance the workflow.
  • Take and upload pictures into the system.
  • Post and retrieve documents from web portal.
  • Send documents via email.
  • Multiple team members can work on different documents as a part of the same project at the same time.

Doc.It Go mobile app is available here:

How do you get access to Doc.It Go mobile app?

Contact your system adminstrator to inquire about the Doc.It Go mobile app.

 What does Doc.It Go mobile app look like when open?

Doc.It mobile app screenshots

About Doc.It®

Doc.It® has established a long-standing presence in the market providing a full suite of document management, workflow, document storage and Web portal products for accounting firms. Doc.It® Suite meets the needs of firms of all sizes due to their leadership philosophy of customer-guided software development.  Doc.It®’s leadership team, with support and guidance from their executive board, believe in strategic growth and maintaining the perpetual culture of customer care.

Doc.It®’s Innovation Award-winning Doc.It® Suite, a powerful scalable full suite of document management, document workflow and archiving tools for accounting firms, maximizes firm efficiency and effectiveness as accounting professionals gather, process, store, and deliver documents. Doc.It® Suite enables accounting professionals and firms to manage documents from multiple sources and applications easily, in one comprehensive and intuitive software application, delivering the most efficient and effective method to serve clients.

To request a demo, pricing, or for more information, please contact Doc.It®:

Call: 888-693-6248 (Ext 1)