Doc.It: Accounting Document Management Software

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Doc.It by IRIS is a document management software for accounting firms that provides a centralized place to gather, process, store and deliver all your documents; helping you spend less time tracking down files and more time moving forward.

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Your time is valuable. Stop wasting your time sifting through files to find the one you
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it. Learn how Doc.It by IRIS document management software has helped streamline practices to help
them do more billable work without adding hours.

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What’s included?

  • Assisted Data Conversions

    Our specialists will migrate your data to Doc.It by IRIS no matter your existing structures, to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Unlimited Customer Service

    You get access to a core support team that is waiting and ready to help you make every aspect of document management work for you. Additionally, you have access to a comprehensive suite of training videos to help train your staff and improve the adoption rates and proficiency.

  • Client Portal

    Doc.It by IRIS simplifies sharing documents with your clients. You can send and receive documents through encrypted links helping you get the files and information you need automatically.

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Doc.It by IRIS comes in variable plans to meet the specific needs of your accounting firm.

  • $ 29 – 40 /mo on-premise

    $ 54 – 65 /mo cloud solution

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  • $ 24 /mo on-premise

    $ 49 /mo cloud solution

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  • $ 18.50 /mo on-premise

    $ 43.50 /mo cloud solution

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Product Features
Work Binders
Store any file type
Retention policies & purge manager
Customizable folder templates
Scanning interface & OCR
PDF Editor
Tickmarks and Stamps
Digital Signatures
AFR (Form Recognition)
AutoFile to archive work binder & portal
Workflow dashboard
Budget/Actual, capacity time reports
Staff assignment tracking
Customisable workflow templates
Job duplication
Workflow Process Automation
Workflow Default Assignments
Unlimited Client Portals
Secure file sharing & encryption
Audit trail & event log
Advanced reporting
Custom report builder
Quick searching & filtering
Microsoft Office integration
DocuSign eSignature integration
Tax Software integration
CaseWare integration
Fx Engagement Batch Pring

Why choose us?

With over 40 years of industry experience, IRIS provides you with the tools you need to succeed.

  • Work Binders

    Access client work without switching applications

    Even the smallest click can add up over a year. Doc.It by IRIS stores and launches all project-related files so you can have what you need when you need it.

  • Scan and AutoFile

    Never stop working to hunt down a file

    All you have to do to add a new document is scan it. Our advanced forms recognition technology will identify, consistently name, and organize the document from there. Every file will automatically be where it belongs.

  • PDF Editor

    You don’t need an Adobe license

    Rather than paying a monthly license fee, plus all the add-ons, Doc.It’s PDF editor does it for you. Additionally, it provides hundreds of accountant-specific tick marks, a calculator, and the ability to add digital signatures for zero added cost.

  • Compliance Management

    Stay compliant automatically

    With accurate and consistent naming conventions and file management, it’s easy to maintain compliance without any extra admin time.

    Doc.It Suite Overview

    Many accounting firms still use paper for most processes – this is costly and inefficient. Doc.It solves that problem with a suite of document management, storage, workflow and web portal tools.


    Workflow and efficiency challenges accounting firms of all sizes. Doc.It Workflow provides a simple solution for the management of work processes across your entire firm.

    PDF Editor

    Doc.It’s PDF Editor is used to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents. Users can also easily run an electronic calculator tape and apply hundreds of accounting-specific tick marks.

    Web Portal

    Doc.It® Web Portal, branded with your firm’s name and logo, securely exchanges documents of all sizes with your clients. The portal runs on your own equipment and works with all common browsers.

    Professional Services

    Doc.It’s technical, client solutions, and customer care team members are highly qualified experts who work with accountants and accounting thought-leaders throughout North America. We treat clients as partners, from pre-sale through project completion and beyond. We believe in a holistic approach and provide best practices firms can build upon.


    The Doc.It Inbox, a temporary digital storage location for new documents including printed or scanned documents that arrive as searchable PDFs, handles document routing enhancing workflow. Documents in the Inbox can be worked on prior to storing to a work area or its final destination.

    Work Binders

    Doc.It Work Binders organize documents in a centralized multi-user electronic binder with a familiar folder structure. Work Binders contain documents in their native file formats organized in firm-defined folder structure unique for every engagement type.

    Document Storage

    Once you have gone digital, you wil need a permanent secure storage solution for your firm’s most important documents. Browse, navigate, and share your digital documents instantly with the Doc.It Archive.

    Scan & Organize

    Doc.It® Suite includes Scan and Organize tools promote firm-wide standardization. Scan from anywhere with a high accuracy rate of text conversion. Doc.It’s Scan and Organize tools include Advanced Forms Recognition used to identify documents by type, automatically applying naming conventions.

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