Small Changes Make Big Impacts with Document Management Solutions

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By Adam Walters | 05/14/2024 | 2 min read

What Are Document Management Solutions?

Document management solutions not only help you find the documents you need when you need them, but also prioritize security and protection. Documents are automatically uploaded, labeled, and organized in a way that is easy to navigate, giving you peace of mind throughout your day. 

Did you know that on average, you waste 20% of your time looking for documents? Those few minutes for each client or project may not seem like much, but when you add them up over a year, the numbers are staggering. If you spend 1.8 hours every day finding information and the right document, that's a total of 457 hours, or over 10 full weeks of labor, wasted on document search. Imagine what you could do with that time if you had it back. 

What if you could reduce that time by only a few minutes every day? Instead of spending 1.8 hours every day, what if you only spent 1.5 hours? That would bring your annual total down to 390 hours, giving you back 67 hours of productivity that can be spent on growing your firm or working with your clients. 

IRIS’s Document Management Solutions help you make drastic changes to your accounting or CPA firm. We optimize your time not by just a few seconds, but by almost entirely eliminating any time you spend looking for documents. We make it possible for you to measure the time you spend looking for documents in seconds. 

Revolutionize Your Firm with IRIS

IRIS’s Document Management Solutions change how accounting and CPA firms operate and interact with their clients. Mike Snyder, a partner at VRS CPA says that our solution is “what we need as accountants.”

Before VRS CPA went with IRIS, some of their primary projects would take hours every week to complete, with a large portion of their time being spent on finding and managing documents. When the firm adopted IRIS’s document management solution, they were faced with a problem: the same tasks that used to take hours could now be completed in just one hour.

Mike and the team at VRS CPA shifted their business model from billing flat hourly rates to billing based on value. “Now that we can truly process paperless from beginning to end and always know where our jobs are at, our efficiency has skyrocketed to the point where through the process of us going paperless, we moved away from billing by the hour to billing based on value.”

This has only led to further growth and development for the firm. Mike says, “Our benefit has truly been in that we can now add staff and clients because we are working far more efficiently.”

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