Doc.It® Announces the New Doc.It Go Mobile App

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Posted: 12th June 2017

June 12, 2017 – Las Vegas, NV and Ancaster, ON – Doc.It®, an industry-leading provider of document management, workflow and document storage products for accounting and tax firms, announces the new Doc.It Go, the mobile app engineered to work in conjunction with Doc.It Suite.

Doc.It Suite product development is heavily influenced by Doc.It’s user-base.  “Our goal is to give Doc.It Suite users every opportunity to gain a productivity advantage as they handle some of the most common tasks,” said Kevin Murray, COO of Doc.It. Doc.It Go puts the power of Doc.It Suite at your fingertips allowing workflow to continue while working anywhere at any time using any mobile device.

Handle some of the most common tasks using Doc.It Go app:

  • Instant access to all information stored in Doc.It.
  • Track documents.
  • Know the status of workflows.
  • Collaboration on multiple devices.
  • Pass work to a teammate.
  • Advance the workflow.
  • Take and upload pictures into the system.
  • Post and retrieve documents from web portal.
  • Send documents via email.
  • Multiple team members can work on different documents as a part of the same project at the same time.

Find out more about Doc.It Go here:

How do you get access to Doc.It Go mobile app?

Contact your system adminstrator to inquire about the Doc.It Go mobile app.

 What does Doc.It Go mobile app look like when open?



About Doc.It®

Doc.It® has established a long-standing presence in the market providing a full suite of document management, workflow and document storage products for accounting and tax firms. Doc.It® Suite meets the needs of firms of all sizes due to their leadership philosophy of customer-guided software development.  Doc.It®’s leadership team, with support and guidance from their executive board, believe in strategic growth and maintaining the perpetual culture of customer care.

If you would like more information about Doc.It Go, Doc.It Suite, please visit or contact Kevin Sharma, Sales and Marketing, at Doc.It.  (e)  (p) 888-693-6248 (Ext 3243)