myPay Solutions by IRIS –
Payroll Platform Upgrade

More features, enhanced efficiency and greater ease of use for you, your clients and their employees

At IRIS, we are committed to continually improving our payroll solutions to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. With that in mind, we have been hard at work developing new software features and enhancements based on your feedback and suggestions.

What does this mean for our CPA firm customers and referring accountants and their clients?

From the convenience of anytime, anywhere access, to the simplicity of the time entry process, myPay’s technology update is designed to make offering payroll to your clients easier and more efficient for your staff, and more accessible and intuitive for your clients and their employees.

  • Seamless Cloud-Based System

    No more cumbersome software installations. The upgraded platform is fully web-based, offering instant access from anywhere at any time. With all functionalities hosted in the secure cloud, your data remains safely accessible without the need for downloads.

    For your clients and their employees, this fortified portal provides secure access to pay statements, W-2s, and 1099s at their convenience – whether in the office, at home, or on the go. It enables employees with tools to update their personal details independently, ensuring precise data and eliminating needless processing delays.

  • Simplified Time Entry

    The updated time entry system is designed to be intuitive for payroll administrators. With multiple entry options, you can record time with unprecedented ease, ensuring accurate payroll processing.
    Screenshot of myPay software dashboard with options to select payroll type, employee type, department filter, and a list of employees
  • Expanded Integration Capability

    Connect effortlessly with tools that power your business. The new integrations and APIs allow for a streamlined workflow, whether you’re syncing with QuickBooks Online, SwipeClock, or TransAmerica. This means less time on data entry and more time on growth-focused activities.

    The integration with SwipeClock automated time and labor solutions also brings reliability and productivity to your clients’ payroll while keeping overtime and compliance firmly in check.

  • Robust Reporting at Your Fingertips

    Tailor your reports to meet your specific needs with our on-demand, customizable reporting feature. Make informed decisions quickly by generating precise, relevant reports, effortlessly.
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  • Digital Onboarding Experience

    Onboarding new employees is now a digitally enhanced experience. Simplify and speed up the process to get your team ready and operational in no time, all with a few clicks.

    These feature enhancements are not just additions; they represent our commitment to improving your day-to-day operations with efficiency, better reporting, and an all-around better user experience.

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Seeing is Believing

Words don’t do justice to the technology advancements we’ve made. That’s why we’ve prepared a brief demo video to give you a firsthand look at what the new myPay platform can do. Just hit play and see for yourself how myPay Solutions by IRIS is gearing up to support your success every step of the way.

FAQs: What you need to know about the software migration

What’s next?

Your Payroll Analyst will be contacting you soon to review the details of the migration and discuss specific timelines for you and your clients.

Also, keep an eye out for more communications about this migration, including an upcoming webinar with a detailed product demonstration and Q&A session

When will the migration happen?

The migration will occur from May-September 2024. Your payroll analyst will communicate specific timelines and partner with you to ensure a smooth migration for you, your staff and clients.

How will client data be migrated?

myPay Solutions will migrate all your live payroll data for you.

How will my staff and clients be trained on the new software?

We are confident that the updated IRIS Payroll platform will provide an intuitive user experience, but we know change comes with questions. Our team will be available to train you and your staff . We will also launch a new help and how-to resource that will contain training videos, documents, templates, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. And of course, your payroll analyst will be available to you during the entire migration to provide support.

Will I still have access to historical data?

Historical data and reports will be available for download and will be retained for a period of time after the transition. Our pre-migration checklist will clearly outline all the steps you will need to take before switching to ensure nothing is lost in the transition

How will this impact my clients using Workforce Management (SwipeClock)?

The IRIS Payroll platform integrates with the latest version of SwipeClock’s time and attendance offering, ensuring the same level of integration and features you’ve come to expect.

Will pricing stay the same?

Upgrading to the new IRIS Payroll platform will not incur any additional charges.

What if I don’t want to change software platforms?

To meet IRIS’s high standards of best-in-class support, features and performance, we are migrating all of our payroll customers to the IRIS Payroll software platform.

Please contact your myPay representative if you have any concerns about the migration or continuity of your experience. Also, watch for an email soon that will provide information about an upcoming webinar, where we will provide a live demo and answer your questions.