Doc.It Wins Prestigious “Quality Award” from K2 Enterprises

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Posted: 2nd October 2014

October 02, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV and Markham, ON – Doc.It®, an industry-leading provider of a powerful and scalable full suite of document management, workflow and document storage products for accounting professionals, wins K2 Enterprises (K2e) Quality Award.

Every year the leadership team at K2e identifies select companies and presents each company with a unique quality award. Doc.It® is proud to announce they have been selected as a K2 Enterprises Quality Award winner, specifically having earned the prestigious “Quality Award.” “Doc.It® has provided not only a feature-rich solution but a quality solution from day one that has proven year-over-year to provide the productivity gains CPA firms are seeking in document management, said Val D. Steed, CPA, MA, CITP, CEO of K2 Enterprises. “Quality has always been at the forefront of their solution and the past year is another example of a great step forward for Doc.It®.”

Doc.It® has been awarded in the annual K2 Enterprises Quality Awards for the last three consecutive years. In 2013 Doc.It® was presented with the New Module award for Doc.It® Suite 4. Doc.It® Suite 4 provides accounting professionals with streamlined workflow processes and an expansive set of document management features including a sleek and productive Main Dashboard user interface, new Work Binders with simple workflow, Web Portal, PDF Editor, Cloud with Mobile features, and more. In 2012 Doc.It® was presented with the Management Strategy award for a year of great progress and insightful new initiatives under the leadership of Brock Philp, CEO and President.

“We are honored to receive an award from K2e for three consecutive years and appreciate being recognized for the continued high quality of our software and the impact it has on productivity for the accounting profession,” said Brock Philp, CEO and president, Doc.It®. “Our success and growth in this profession has been founded on always delivering the highest quality software, service and customer care every step of the way – from pre-installation planning through implementation, training and ongoing client support.”

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About Doc.It®

Doc.It® has established a long-standing presence in the market providing a full suite of document management products that meets the needs of firms with 2 to 300 users due to their leadership philosophy of customer-guided software development. Doc.It® has strong financial backing and experienced leadership, which ensures long-term staying power and support for expansion throughout North America. Doc.It®’s leadership team, with support and guidance from their executive board, believe in strategic growth and maintaining the perpetual culture of customer care.

Doc.It®’s Innovation Award-winning Doc.It® Suite, a powerful scalable full suite of document management products for accounting firms, maximizes firm efficiency and effectiveness as accounting professionals gather, process, store, and deliver documents. Doc.It® Suite enables accounting professionals and firms to manage documents from multiple sources and applications easily, in one comprehensive and intuitive software application, delivering the most efficient and effective method to serve clients.

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