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By Adam Walters | 06/29/2023 | 9 min read

Has a doctor ever asked you to describe your pain on a scale from 1-10? It’s a simple scale, but it helps your doctor know more about the pain you’re feeling so they can better treat you. 

What if we asked you the same question about the most recent tax season? Sure, tax season brings a massive spike in revenue. But are your current processes creating more non-revenue-generating workarounds? Very often, the pain is felt by your bottom line. 

It’s time for us to run a quick diagnostic together to help pinpoint the source of the pain before the next tax season.

Help Your Firm Do More with a Practice Management Solution

One of the best ways to get through the post-tax season is to ensure that you are able to work to your full potential. Having the right practice management solution streamlines your firm’s workflow while also providing your clients with what they’re looking for with easier billing and payment portals. 

Not only does a better practice management solution help you save time and money during the post-tax season, but it’ll also help you better manage the stress of tax season, making your entire year more profitable and less stressful. 

Here are questions to consider whether your current practice management solution is the culprit for your firm’s growing pains.

  1. Did you have to turn any clients away to avoid staff burnout?
  2. Was last year’s information easily accessible for comparison?
  3. Do you find compiling and preparing data on firm performance during tax season challenging?
  4. How much time is spent processing invoices and payments?
  5. How much time is spent on workarounds and tasks that could be automated?

Help Your Firm Do More with a Document Management Solution

As your firm grows, the amount of client information and data you are responsible for seems to grow exponentially. It can be difficult to track where all that information is and where to find it, which leads to wasting hours of your time every week trying to find the right piece of information you need. 

A document management solution can optimize your processes by ensuring you can find the document you need, when you need it. Rather than rummaging through files, you can spend your time working billable project hours. This helps you save time while directly impacting your monthly revenue.

Here are questions that can help evaluate your existing document management solution:

  1. Do you have a central filing system for documents?
  2. Were there any challenges with categorizing, scanning, or finding documents?
  3. Were there constant communication delays or difficulties?
  4. Do you have a document retention policy, and does your current solution make it easy or challenging?
  5. Do you have a client portal?

Do More with IRIS

Tax season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin preparation for next year and evaluate whether your current solutions add friction to tax season. 

Contact us today to learn which solution will help your firm ramp up during the post-tax season and better prepare you for next year’s tax season.

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