Document Management Software

Work on, store, and share files with your team and your clients while staying compliant

If these file management challenges sound familiar…


“It takes too long to find the files we need and respond to requests.”

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Our file structures are inconsistent, with everyone saving documents differently.”


“Our files get accidentally overwritten, deleted, or saved in the wrong place.


“We’re wasting time switching between software that doesn’t integrate.”

You need a document management system that can take care of everything.

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“Billing is now more automated and runs like clockwork, which means fees are paid much faster than before. Closing the month down has been cut by weeks, which has been transformative.”

Sonja VanLangevelde, Daszkal Bolton

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“Doc.It speeds up file prep and has improved our bottom line. We have seen a 20% decrease in time working on a file. And admin find files at least twice as fast.”


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“Doc.It’s impact on our firm’s productivity was felt after acquiring a tax firm; we added 125 tax returns, a 15 percent increase for our firm. Because of Doc.It, we managed this increase in volume without having to add staff.”