Do Illinois Businesses Need to Hang Up Labor Law Posters?

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By Joe Sharpe | 08/23/2022 | 14 min read

Regardless of your business’ size, industry, or specialization, companies across the United States must ensure compliance with federal and state labor laws, including the display of labor law posters in the workplace. Labor laws frequently change on state and federal levels, which makes compliance an ongoing challenge, particularly as you address a complex range of concerns: display requirements, printing options, industry-specific posters, language requirements, access for remote employees, and the nuanced distinctions between federal and state policies.

Our goal is to help you simplify and streamline this process. In this article, we’ll explore Illinois labor law poster requirements, review all federal requirements, and offer the concrete tools and support you’ll need to navigate compliance for your business. 

Meeting Federal Labor Law Poster Requirements

As a starting point for businesses in Illinois, the U.S. Department of Labor’s FirstStep Poster Advisor allows employers to enter key information about their business, industry, and workforce to determine which posters they are required to display to meet U.S. Department of Labor requirements.

For most businesses across the United States, including in Illinois, businesses will be required to display all of the following posters, and possibly more depending on the company’s industry:

  •     Equal Employment Opportunity
  •     Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  •     Minimum Wage - Overtime - Child Labor
  •     Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law (OSHA)
  •     Employee Polygraph Protection Act 

PDF versions of these posters – offered in English and Spanish – are available for free download on the Federal DOL website once you’ve determined which federal posters apply to your business and industry.

For Remote Workers

Regarding federal poster requirements for remote workers, changes implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor in 2020 are still in effect. The DOL permits the purely electronic posting of labor law posters for remote employees under the following circumstances:

  • If employers frequently communicate with remote employees electronically
  • If employers can place the electronic poster(s) in a conspicuous place (SHRM offers some guidance and suggestions on digital placement)
  • If employees can easily access the electronic posters
  • If employees have been clearly informed which postings apply to them

Federal Display Requirements

As with Illinois labor law posters, it’s imperative that all required federal posters are displayed in a conspicuous way for any regular on-site employees to encounter on a daily basis. Although it depends on the configuration of your workspace(s), we recommend any of the following locations: in a break room, near a time clock, close to the office entrance, in the main lobby, or on a bulletin board where other important notices are regularly placed.

Remember that federal and Illinois state posters must be visible and conspicuously posted at all physical locations where your business operates.

Fulfilling Labor Law Poster Requirements in Illinois

In Illinois, businesses are required to display posters to notify employees of all of the following state labor laws:

  • Minimum Wage and Overtime (See: our recent article on Illinois Prevailing Wage Laws)
  • Unpaid Wages (Wage Payment & Collection Act)
  • Meal and Rest Periods (One Day Rest in Seven Act)
  • Equal Pay Act
  • Violent Crimes’ Victims Leave
  • Child Labor (Restrictions affecting workers under the age of 16)

Similar to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Illinois Department of Labor offers a consolidated poster that articulates each of the above laws to employees. One additional poster required state-wide is the Pregnancy Rights Notice enacted under Public Act 98-1050, which is available for download online. Others that are necessary to post, but not included in the DOL’s consolidated poster include:

  • Workers Compensation Notice
  • Illinois OSHA Act
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits Notice
  • Emergency Care for Choking Notice
  • Smoke-Free Illinois Act Notice (barring smoking within 15 feet of an entrance)

Other industry-specific or specialized labor law posters must be accessed by visiting the websites of specific Illinois state departments, such as the Illinois Department of Employment Security or the Illinois Department of Public Health. 

A comprehensive listing of all Illinois state labor laws that could possibly apply to your business is available here, including contact information for the state departments you may need to contact for posters.

State Display Requirements

Illinois display requirements for labor law posters are nearly identical to federal policies. Keep in mind, however, that certain industry-specific posters must be rendered in English, Spanish, and Polish. Others, such as the aforementioned Pregnancy Rights Notice and the Day and Temporary Services Labor Act, are only required in English, with the option to post in Spanish, Polish, or “any other language generally understood in the locale of the agency.”

Ensure Labor Law Poster Compliance

Due to the shifting and dynamic nature of state and federal labor laws, keeping up with new legislative updates is a challenge in and of itself. When additional tasks enter the equation –professionally printing, meeting display requirements, fulfilling language requirements, and addressing compliance concerns -- the process can feel more daunting. Most employers are also acutely aware of the consequences of compliance violations, including the financial and operational disruptions they bring to any business.

We alleviate these burdens for businesses by offering comprehensive and ongoing support to ensure full compliance with federal and state labor laws. In addition to offering printing options that help you reduce time spent, costs, and logistical issues, we ensure that your business remains aware of the latest legislative changes that impact your business. Led by experts on federal and Illinois state policies, our HCM services and software offer a comprehensive and adaptable solution to meet your business’ needs. If you need additional assistance with payroll management, including time and attendance, yearly filings, application of tax credits, and more, we’re here to help.

Contact us today to start our collaboration and ensure sustained labor law compliance, payroll services and HR outsourcing for your Illinois business.

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