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Starting in the 1990s, the team at Effortless Administration entered the market and specialized in benefits administration technology in Canada.. They became Canada’s fastest-growing benefits administrator and Canada’s go-to managed service provider, but in that growth, they discovered they were spending too much time focusing on their own payroll and benefits, which was slowing them down from helping their clients.

Find out more about their decision to partner with IRIS Software, a move that brought a personal touch to their services, benefiting all of their clients and helping Effortless Administration become Canada’s fastest-growing benefits administrator.

The Problem

As Effortless Administration experienced rapid growth, they were confronted with a significant challenge. They aspired to expand across Canada and tap into the national market, but the diverse laws and regulations across each province posed a complex hurdle.

They had a clear idea of who they wanted to partner with. They didn’t just want a payroll partner; they needed a partner who aligned with their own values and services. One of the most important features they were looking for was a personalized human touch. They knew they would be busy expanding across the country and dealing with their clients; they didn’t have the time or patience to deal with waiting on hold or digging through PDFs to find the answers they needed. They needed a direct line to a person they knew who they could chat with whenever they had any sized question.

The Solution

Mike Ross, the Chief Design Officer, and Zach Lindop, the Chief Strategy Officer at Effortless Administration, chose IRIS’s Canadian payroll services, also known as PSI, and immediately saw results.

By partnering with IRIS, Effortless Administration was able to scale their remote workforce to meet the demands of their growing business. The assurance of having IRIS support at every step, regardless of the complexity of the issue, eliminated uncertainty from their operations.

IRIS also helped streamline its internal processes. By providing total payroll coverage, the team at Effortless Administration could put all of their focus on their clients and the continuous expansion of their business.

About the benefits IRIS has provided his team, Zach Lindop said, “It is a level of comfort with IRIS. We don’t have to go in circles. We can make choices and know that IRIS is there to help. They have become a backstop for us. If we’re ever in doubt, we call IRIS.”

Mike Ross attributes the growth of Effortless Administration directly to the freedom and peace of mind IRIS has provided them. “We wanted support for what we were doing. We knew how important personal touchpoints are and wanted that personalized support. We’re able to provide personalized service to our clients because we can rely on IRIS personalized service.”

Do More with Your Time with IRIS

Everyone is given the same amount of time in the day. Let IRIS’s Canadian payroll services give you your time back by taking ownership of some of the most time-consuming administrative processes involved with your Canadian organization.

Get started today and discover how we can help you get your time back.