How Document Management Can Help During Tax Season

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By Adam Walters | 01/11/2024 | 3 min read

Tax season is the busiest time of year for CPAs and accounting firms. It’s not uncommon to be booked solid every day for weeks, and some CPAs will even work nights and weekends just to accommodate the influx of projects.

On average, all of this hard work over only a few weeks adds up to over half of a firm's gross annual income. IRIS’s document management solutions help streamline your firm, giving you the tools to work more efficiently and saving valuable time so you can work with more clients and make an even larger impact on your annual income during tax season.

Document Management Keeps You Organized

The chaos and stress of tax season can become overwhelming. It’s difficult to stay organized and on top of your game for every client, but IRIS’s document management solutions can help you stay on top of your game for every client.

Our document management solution automatically digitizes, uploads, names, and organizes every document and file for every client. We make sure there are no duplicate information and files while ensuring a standardized naming and storage process across your entire firm. This makes it so that everyone is using the same naming processes and storage structure, making it easy for any member of your team to access the information they need when they need it.

Document Management Enables Collaboration

For many firms, each team member has their clients and is expected only to serve their clients. If another team member struggles with their clients, it’s almost impossible for them to share the load with someone else. This outdated structure can lead to even more stress and pressure during tax season. Having even one needy client with extra questions or concerns can create a cascading backlog for one agent, causing their work to take longer than expected.

IRIS’s document management solutions can change the structure of your firm. Rather than each agent being isolated with their client list, information about every client can be freely shared and transmitted between agents. If a client has questions, any available team member can easily access their files and the notes about what is happening and help them with their concerns.

By switching to IRIS, your firm can make drastic changes to its internal processes while significantly improving customer satisfaction. Your clients will no longer have to wait in line if they have a question or concern during tax season because they’ll always be able to get accurate, meaningful, personalized assistance no matter which member of your team they’re working with.

Document Management Saves You Time and Money

Every minute you save during tax season is a minute you can spend helping another client and further impacting your bottom line. Even small improvements of a few minutes per client can lead to drastic time savings when multiplied by your number of clients. Still, many firms see significant time savings, leading to even more impactful total savings.

For some firms, the time savings have become so extreme that they’re finding more value billing based on value rather than billing by the hour. Mike Snyder from VRS CPA, says, “Now that we can truly process paperless from beginning to end, and always know where our jobs are at, our efficiency has skyrocketed to the point where through the process of us going paperless, we moved away from billing by the hour to billing based on value.”

Make This Tax Season Easy with IRIS

With over 40 years of industry experience, IRIS is here to provide you with the professional-grade tools you need to succeed. Get started today and discover how our document management solutions can revolutionize your practice, helping you get the most from this year’s tax season.

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