What Is Cloud Payroll?

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By Adam Walters | 01/31/2024 | 1 min read

Cloud payroll, also called cloud-based payroll, is becoming more popular and is quickly becoming a best practice for accountants and CPAs. Here’s your chance to learn more about cloud payroll and how it can help you simplify your payroll.

What Does It Mean for Payroll to be Cloud-Based?

In older processes and systems, when you used a computer and saved a file on that computer, the only way you could access that information was to use that computer. If you wanted to collaborate or share information with your team, you had to email or share the file to everyone, who would then have to download and create a copy of the original document on their computer.

Your data lives on your computer's physical hard drive. Cloud-based computing decentralizes your data, providing a secure system for storing it that can be accessed from any location.

In a very simplified way, the cloud works like the internet. Anyone who has a computer with an internet connection can view websites. Cloud-based computing works similarly but with additional security protocols to ensure only the right people access sensitive and protected information.

Why Should Payroll Move to the Cloud?

Making the switch to cloud-based payroll is worth the change. Because cloud payroll provides secure remote access, transparency is greatly increased. Employees, not employers or accountants, can be responsible for managing and updating their payroll information.

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