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Find out how EHA CPAs and Advisors have streamlined their payroll services and said yes to more clients.

The team at Evans, Harville, Atwell & Company (EHA) CPAs and Advisors had to tell customers that wanted payroll services “no” because it took too much time and money to manage. Learn how they could change that and say more to all of their clients with the help of myPay by IRIS.

The Problem

EHA CPAs and Advisors started in 1983, growing slowly, one client at a time. They are the only full-service accounting firm in their area, but they realized that payroll was the bottleneck of their growth. 

Payroll is an essential service that their full-service clients were looking for, but it took too much time to do correctly and wasn’t cost-effective. It became an accepted loss for the firm, knowing that if they provided payroll services, it would open the door to other more profitable services. 

The problem came that EHA CPAs and Advisors wanted to continue to expand their client base, but that meant having more clients wanting full-service coverage and more payroll. The team determined a payroll solution that would support their most complex clients and support their continuous growth while requiring less time from their team was needed.

The Solution

EHA CPAs and Advisors met with IRIS Apex from IRIS and realized that their myPay managed payroll services Ssolutions would provide them with the payroll solution they needed.

Rather than having to struggle and try to make more with less, myPay  Solutions empowered EHA CPAs and Advisors to do more by giving them the tools they need to get the job done right.

The Results

Before myPay, each payroll took around 30 minutes to manage. With myPay, that time has been reduced to approximately 5-7 minutes. With over 150 clients, payroll has changed from taking 75 hours to only taking 13 to 17 hours. 

These time-savings meant that EHA CPAs and Advisors could provide the same quality of service to their existing customers and provide payroll services to new customers while also freeing up the schedule of their employees to focus on more profitable projects. 

Not only has myPay streamlined the average workflow for payroll, but it is responsible for handling some of the most time-intensive tasks in payroll. Bryan Girdler, a partner at EHA CPAs and Advisors, said, “We really like the ability not to have to deal with tax notices anymore . . . Before it was on our staff to track those down and get those issues resolved. Since myPay, we can upload the notice, send it to myPay, and then myPay takes care of those tax notices on behalf of the client. We’re completely out of that, and so are our clients, which has greatly benefited us.” 

myPay has transformed payroll at EHA CPAs and Advisors from being a burden to a profitable part of their firm.

Make it easy to say yes with IRIS payroll solutions

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