How IRIS HR Consulting helped ON24, an award-winning MarTech SaaS company, expand across the Asia Pacific region, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience and deep understanding of international markets.

How IRIS HR Consulting helped ON24 expand across the Asia Pacific region

Customer profile

ON24 is an award-winning MarTech SaaS company focused on the Webinar and Virtual events
market. A niche provider of virtual events software, ON24 has experienced rapid growth globally
over the past few years. Their headquarters are currently in San Francisco, California.


Like many organisations, ON24 had experienced the common challenges of hiring and retaining high quality sales talent in a new country. The Asia Pacific region (APAC) in particular (namely Australia,Singapore and Japan) is a key growth region for ON24, so IRIS HR Consulting introduced Launch Global, having already successfully provided HR and payroll solutions in the APAC region, to help solve some of these challenges.

Solutions used

Understanding how to hire the best talent in the market is critical to our clients as the expansion and market entry landscape becomes more complex. IRIS HR Consulting proved to be an invaluable asset to ON24 in providing a solution to drive their APAC hiring strategy.


There are many challenges that can come with recruitment alongside a global expansion; both
common and the unforeseen. The issues that are somewhat inevitable in a saturated recruitment
industry (eg, benchmarking your business against others, having an attractive compensation and
benefits package, or attracting and retaining the best talent), can be overshadowed when the
mission is on an international scale. Not to mention hiring in a completely new country, or
countries, with no prior experience of the legislative obligations, and no knowledge of local cultural norms, can make any people-centric task very challenging.

Based in San Francisco, ON24 had been trying to fill a salesperson position in Singapore for several months. In recruitment especially, there are often rafts of procedures and processes, which take time away from focusing on the candidates. Retention is also an issue, particularly in today’s employment climate, where it is now the norm in many countries, cultures and demographics for people to change roles frequently throughout their working lives.


We followed our successfully tried and tested process:

  1. Understanding the business and embedding ourselves within it, alongside the people leading the hiring process, allowing us to gain insight into what the hiring issues are and what a successful candidate profile is.
  2. Identifying key talent across the target area, focusing first on background and experience, using different media sources. By doing this, we obtain publicly available data on potential candidates, such as backgrounds and key interests. This meant we could take a targeted and personalized approach with candidates. With ON24, this methodology transformed the candidate engagement rate from the industry average of 9% to an impressive 34%.
  3. We thoroughly screened our shortlist of 22 candidates, assessing them against the role, culture
    and personality fit for the business.
  4. We then worked closely with ON24, providing guidance and management of the entire feedback cycle between the candidates and business leaders, with a continuous candidate assessment gauging their level of interest to maximize the chance of a positive outcome.
  5. We managed the offer process, consulting with ON24 to agree on a package that satisfied all
    parties, through to the smooth onboarding process.


IRIS HR Consulting’s recruitment solution combines world class international HR consultancy with the ability to hire the best talent in the world. We use modern, cutting-edge recruitment tools and techniques that have evolved over the years to meet the demand of the highest quality talent in an over-saturated market.

Supported by decades of experience, we use AI, bots, data, automation, gamification and video to
ensure an increased quality of hire and an efficient process from the start. The service we offer is
tailored to the territory(ies) you are hiring in, offering you peace of mind that country-specific
legislation is taken care of.

By diving into the available data on potential candidates, we can make an informed decision about those who will most likely be interested in the specific role and company. It maximizes response rates, but also streamlines the process and ensures the time of busy HR teams is well spent. This personalized, targeted approach, alongside extras such as video messages referencing business and personal interests, work to engage the individual and improve engagement rates in both quality and quantity.



The industry average candidate engagement rate is 9%. For this challenging sales vacancy we
reached 34%.

Stringent data scraping reduced the number of approaches made to potential candidates who were ultimately not interested.

Every stage is engaging and exciting for the candidate, increasing their interest and faith in your
company from the get go.

A successful onboarding has resulted in us working across the entire Asia Pacific region with ON24 to further support them.


Our stringent data scraping reduced the number of wasted approaches made to potential candidates who were, ultimately, not interested. With our state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience and comprehensive understanding of international markets, we filled the sales position that had been open for many months prior to our involvement, and achieved an outstanding candidate engagement rate. This positive experience has resulted in further collaboration with the ON24 HR team as we work with them across the entire Asia Pacific region, supporting their high demand for growth within these territories.