Guide: 5 Mistakes Made During Global Workforce Expansion

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Unlock Your Global Potential with IRIS Global Workforce Management

Taking your business global is an exciting step, with the potential to greatly expand your customer base and fuel your business’s growth. However, entering international markets comes with its own set of complexities. Without the right planning, these challenges could majorly affect your business. Our eBook highlights five common mistakes companies make during global workforce expansion and how to avoid them:

  • Lack of Research: Ensure compliance with local laws and cultural norms
  • Hiring the Right Global Talent: Balance between local hires and relocating staff
  • Non-compliance with Local Laws: Leverage in-country experts to navigate regulations
  • Running Payroll through the Wrong Bank: Choose the right banking partner for international transactions
  • Thinking Global Expansion Is a DIY Project: Partner with global HR and payroll experts for a smoother process

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