Truax & Ocampo Professional Tax Advisors

For over ten years, Trisha Ocampo was on the front lines as part of one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms. Working for a large company taught her a lot about the industry and gave her valuable experience, but she decided to break away from the corporate world and become her own boss. Trisha became the Owner and Managing Director of Truax & Ocampo Professional (TOP) Tax Advisors.

See how IRIS Payroll Solutions were able to help Trisha as she entered the field and the success she has already seen in the first year of being her own boss.

The Problem

As the new owner of an established practice, Trisha experienced all the ups and downs of running her own business. She took on every title and responsibility. She became the CEO, HR department, CTO, and CFO simultaneously. It meant that she had to put in more work, but it was rewarding because her success was directly tied to her efforts.

While starting her practice, she took on an established business within her local market which added a large list of clients and threw her into the deep end, but she also noticed that none of her new clients were payroll clients.

The business, previously, was no longer able to offer payroll services to its clients and had referred them elsewhere to meet their payroll needs. Trisha took this as a challenge. She had experience with payroll and employment tax and was comfortable tackling the challenge of adding payroll to her services – she just needed the software to support it.

The Solution

Trisha heard from an accountant she trusted, who happened to be her mother, about IRIS payroll software. Trisha’s mom had used the software in her practice, had seen the results it could provide and recommended it to Trisha. Trisha reached out to IRIS and saw that IRIS payroll was the solution she needed to make her payroll services profitable.

The Results

With the IRIS payroll software platform in hand, Trisha could talk to each of her existing clients about their payroll. “I was confident I could go back to my clients the business had let go and meet their needs.”

She started talking to clients in November, and by January most of those clients were back. They preferred a real person to walk them through and handle their payroll, and because Trisha was already handling their accounting and taxes, it only made sense for them to use a service they already trusted.

With IRIS, Trisha had “the confidence and ability to go out to potential clients and say that we’re competitive in processing compared to ADP or PayChex. On top of that, we already know your situation and provide a hand-holding situation for a similar price to what you’re already paying.”

Trisha also leveraged IRIS’s partnership with Equifax for income and employment verification. The partnership gave her another reason to check in with clients. She could tell those clients, “If you’re doing payroll with us, this is an additional benefit we offer for no additional cost.”

With all of the benefits and features of the IRIS payroll software solution, Trisha’s clients saw that it was an easy choice to make the switch and use TOP Tax Advisors for their payroll. After only six months of using the IRIS software platform, Trisha has already seen an increase of $5,000-$10,000 in additional revenue for her practice.

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