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Asset management and compliance made easy. Your clients can say goodbye to manual, high maintenance spreadsheets and processes. IRIS Assets is a complete asset management and compliance software package. Your clients can centrally manage and track assets across single or multiple locations, and access this data from anywhere, on any device. Their data syncs automatically, so it’s always up to date and accurate. And, with all that data in one place, they can turn it into useful insight, at the touch of a button.

Your clients’ asset data, all in one place

Our software keeps track of – and reports on – all assets, land and buildings, giving your clients full visibility across their organization, and helping them keep on top of their compliance obligations.

  • Sync asset data in real time across all locations
  • Centralize all intangible assets, such as documents and contracts
  • Ensure regular maintenance is carried out, thanks to automated alerts
  • Meet statutory obligations throughout your organization, whatever the size.

Much more than just a database

IRIS Assets not only cuts out hours of manually updating spreadsheets – freeing up staff’s time – it’s also a powerful reporting tool. It’s simple to use and, because it’s Cloud-based, can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Instant, flexible drill-down reporting for control, analysis and forward planning
  • Eliminate complex, manual processes and countless spreadsheets
  • Save money by precisely monitoring assets at all times, reducing unexpected costs and increasing asset utilization rates, helping your clients do more with their existing assets
  • A fully integrated mobile app means information is accessible wherever your clients are
  • Simple to use – just tag the asset with a sticker, scan it and log it
  • Set up automated email alerts and ensure key stakeholders are kept in the loop.

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Key benefits

Centralized compliance tracking

Meet statutory obligations easily, by setting up automated facilities and maintenance reminders.

Real-time data consolidation

Data syncs instantly across the organization, so all users will access the same accurate, up-to-date values.


Precisely monitor assets at all times, which reduces unexpected costs and increases asset utilization rates.

Business growth and scalability

Scale for future business growth by tracking, protecting and valuing assets, no matter the size.

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