Understanding Automatic Enrolment (Liverpool)


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Benefits to you and your business.

By attending this seminar, you will be introduced to the legislation surrounding Workplace Pension Reform and what possible impact these changes may have on your business. We will walk you through the various stages of Pension Reform which are essential for you to keep your company compliant and avoid hefty penalties.

The training is Continuing Personal or Professional Development (CPD) certified, guaranteeing the quality and helping your professional development

Who is the course for?

This seminar is essential for anyone who processes payroll and will be implementing Pension Reform Suitable for all levels and abilities.

What will you learn?

During this 2 ½ hour session, we will cover:


  • Why Pension Reform has been introduced
  • What is involved in Pension Reform
  • Pre Auto Enrolment
    • When will auto enrolment affect you?
    • Registering with TPR
    • Can I postpone this?
    • Identify the employees who need to be enrolled
    • Gather your pension scheme requirements
    • Pension schemes available
    • Understand the financial implications
    • Employer Do’s and Don’ts for safeguarding employees
    • Ensure you have the right systems in place
    • Checklist of the steps you need to take to ensure you are ready for introducing pension reform
  • Introducing Auto Enrolment
    • Auto enrolment process
    • Provide information regarding your scheme to the employees
    • Communication: What is legally required?
    • Employer Do’s and Don’ts 
    • How will you monitor communication?
    • Understand opting out
  • Post Introduction
    • Assessing the employees
    • Continuous Communication
    • Record keeping
  • How can we help
    • Overview of our systems 
    • Hints and tips
    • Release dates



2 ½ hours + Q & A’s